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age and location check

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i really dont know alot about any of the people posting on here nor do i know alot of people that like to ski im from pa and im 20
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I'm 35 and live in Barrington, RI.
6', 195#, Level 8 (probably 7 to PSIA types)
188 K2 X-15, Marker 8.2 SC, Icon Carbon
I ski VT, NH and UT when I get out there.
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I'm 24 and live in Texas of all places...

Ski: K2 Merlin V
Bindings: Marker M5/1
Level: 8
Pole: Goode Graphite
Boot: Salomon Evolution 8.0

I ski Whistler and Utah mostly, sometimes New Mexico.
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Age 25
150 lb.
Northern NJ (moving to the bay area soon)
Ski in NY, and VT
Volkl V30's 183 cm
Salomon Poweraxe S900 Carbon
Lange L10 ACD's
Level 8 skier (GS mostly, no bumps)
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Might have to change my name from Utah49. I am now 50 years young.Living to see 30 was a miracle How I got to 50 is beyond me? Don't think I have to tell you were I live.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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You are an equipment whore!

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I live 20 miles southwest of Boston.
I'll be 52 next Thursday.
I'm going skiing THIS Thursday!
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You better remain 49 for a while else your binding settings will go down. I lied about my age when I got my new skis mounted. I also did something last weekend that I said I'd never do. Crank my binding din up to 11 so my skis wouldn't come off in the deep stuff.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Your right Lars, I might just have to be 49 for a few more years . I ask the tech what my setting would be at age 50 and it went from a Din 8 to 6.5! At the start of the year I set them lower Untill I am feeling good on my skies again, now back up to 8. I do value my knees, so 8 is top end for me.
however I have been reviewing matrial from the Vermount Ski safty Institute to reduce the risk of Knee injury.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I'm 47, live in Eagle, Colorado and ski Eagle County (Vail, Beaver Creek), Summit County (Copper Mtn, Breckenridge, Keystone), Steamboat, Loveland, Ski Cooper (my hidden favorite). I ski K2 X-15's with Rossi Axial 120's and Nordica GP C-Extreme's.
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I was not going to reply tired of ALWAYS being the oldest. But thanks to Skicrazy,Utah49,Tominator
& Lars (iam assuming since he did not say) I will. 42 Years old. Lucky enough to live in Denver. Hope to retire to the mountains full time one day. My goal is to be one of the Greeters/Ambassadors at Vail.
Prior resident of, Kansas City, St. Louis, Houston, Beijing, Bangkok, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Hermosa Beach. Finally home in Colorado! Gonzo, I have no idea what most of that stuff is?!

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Age: 24
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 165
Loc: Denver
Resort: Mary Jane (Winter Park)
Skis: Hart F17

AC - Is there some way to compile the member data into a sortable list? Is that too big of a pain in the neck?
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I'm 5'9, 16 yro, and live in the Portland, maine area. What does a 8, or a 7 mean on the psia scale? Is there a website that describes what each number means.

My ability is bretty good- race high school, ski GS turns down EASTERN double blacks, not western. Can ski everything at Big Sky. Steep bumps are harder though!

"There are trails with signs, and there are those with out...Which trail will you chose?"
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I'm 31, live in Tahoe and ski Bandit XXX and Volkl P40 F1. My other obsession, besides skiing, is kayaking rivers. When I can't be on the slopes (night, summer, etc...) I run a little ski website.
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Live in Breckenridge. For 27 yrs.
46 years old.
Ski like I'm 30. Think like I'm 20, hurt like 46.
Windsurf, golf. Own place in So.Padre & Corpus Christi for fun.[Not profit]
Atomic B-Race 9.20
Atomic B-Ride 9.22
Atomic RS old school GS
Telemark - Guess? You got it. Atomic 9.34
Flexon comps. & Scarpa.
Nasty old poles & clothes.
Toyota Tacoma.
Toyota All trac corolla sw.
What else is there?

Sail and Ski!
Look for crud, it makes u better.
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Oh yea,
160 lbs.
190 cm. everything but RS = 198cm.

Sail and Ski!
Look for crud, it makes u better.
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thanks for all the replies everybody going to everybodys profile is just too much of a pain thanks alot

u dont ski ice u survive it
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Age: 45
Sex: M
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Location: Bozeman, MT
Mountain: Bridger Bowl
Secondary Mountain: Big Sky
Level: only when on medication
Skis: Salomon Supermountain 186 cm, Salomon Equip Axe Series 196 cm, Dynastar SF 197 cm.
Boots: Nordica Grand Prix R

I've been in Montana a little over 4 months. I lived most of my life in the State of Jefferson (Southwest Oregon and far North California) skiing Mt. Ashland, Mt. Bachelor & the original Mt. Shasta Ski Area.
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Yes Kim I am older than you.
age 50
ht. 5'9"
wt. 187
resort Holiday Valley
resides Western N.Y.
skis Rossignol BanditX
T Power Viper
Bindings Marker Turbo S.C. Marker turbo S.C. Rossi Axiel 120
Boots Nordica Gran Prix S
Poles Swix Composite
Skis 60 to 90 days a year
Loves skiing, fishing, beer, Harleys, fat bottom girls, old time rock n roll

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Male-16 yrs old 5'9" 130 lbs

Eastern Pa- Shawnee and Camelback

Like cars(imports), sports, relaxin with know...If you are close padirtybird, we should go sometime. I am an instructor at Shawnee.<FONT size="1">

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I'm 46, 6', about 230. Started skiing at about 28, probably a high 6 - 7 level skier, which ain't bad for a big, old (dinosaur accordin' to the kids) guy.

Live in Calgary

ski Louise, Panorama, Kimberly most, also skied Nakiska, Fortress, Norquay, Sunshine, Fairmont, Fernie, Big White, Silver Star, Big Mountain, and as mentioned elsewhere, the Winnipeg Floodway!

Won't list my gear, other than what Phil calls Ol' Flexon Comps (due to be replaced soon). Having two growing kids puts a cramp in the equipment budget! Next year though!

Love the sport!

I like a lot of the same stuff as Lars, but if the wife sees herself referred to as a FBG, I'm toast.
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39 yrs old. Live in the desert,annual snowfall-17", 7 miles west as the crow flies annual snowfall-400". Reno for 18 yrs minus 6 months in Summit County, CO. Pay no state income tax, do 70% of my recreation in CA, a hop, skip, and a jump away.

20 miles to nearest ski mountain-Slide Mt. NV-pass holder for many years, 48 miles to Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley, and Alpine Meadows. 80 miles to Kirkwood, 176 miles to Mammoth-those are where I usually ski.

Can get down the hill ok
Salomon X-mountain 187
Nordica GP
Burton SuperModel 166
Burton Freeride step-in system
HyperLite-Lavelle Honeycomb 142
Super Suction?-Medium
RD Coyote w/Scottshox
Rockhopper w/kid seat
Chevy Silverado 4WD extended cab w/ Fourwheeler pop-up shell-sweet
Subaru wagon<FONT size="1">

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M, 5'10 170 24 yrs old
30 miles southwest of Boston
X-Scream 195 w/ Salomon 912
Nordica GPS
Tua Razor 191 w/ Rottefella Chili Peppers
Scarpa T2
Toyota 4 Runner<FONT size="1">

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35 years 178lbs X 5'7" (80Kg X 175cm)
Born and living in the same village in Northern Italy (except a 3 yrs period in 82-85 where I moved to Central Italy to study and a 4 yrs period in 92-96 where I moved to Southern France to work)
Wifey and two kids (everybody skiing)
Village is locatedat the foot of the first hill of the fore-Alps, 35some km from the nearest ski resort(I am a flatlander though).
All major resorts are 2-4hrs drive away from here (St. Moritz, Mont Blanc, Alta Badia
etc.) Cheers.

BTW I changed the handle from 'Nobody' to 'Matteo'(my real name) <FONT size="1">

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34 y/o

Live in Annapolis MD for a few more days, then northern VA.

Ski at Whitetail, PA
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34 years old,
Home is Boise Idaho (just us potato farmers living in the desert, don't bother visiting)
Work as an engineer to pay the bills
Ski Patrol on the weekends.
Learned to ski at Soldier Mountain, Idaho

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I guess I'm in the middle.
Male Married
40 yrs old
5'8" 155Lbs
level 7-8 (PSIA?)
Sugar Bowl with 2 ea 6 day trips to resort outside of Tahoe Total ski days per year: 20-25
Live in SF
Other interests : Scuba, Archery, Wine tasting. Woodworking.
Occupation. System Admin/hardware service.<FONT size="1">

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Age: 40
Sex: M
Height: 6'
Weight: 205
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Mountain: Fortress/ Naiski pass
Secondary Mountains: Lake Louise, Fernie, Sunshine, Kimberly
Level: 7-8
Skis: K2 El Camino 198 cm, Salomon Equip S900
K2 X14s 183cm Look P8s
Atomic Arc 7C 198cm, Salomon Equip 977
Boots: Salomon Equip Proforam 8s
days this year- 5
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- 38 years old, 5'7'' and 165 lbs.
- Married, no kids
- Rossi Viper X 9.9 (184cm)
- Salomon AxeCleaver (152cm) - now I know why so many instructors are on short skis!
- Lange XR Boots (soon to be replaced)
- Live in Toronto
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Age: 22
Location: UT
Ability: If that PSIA chart chart goes to 10, I'm an 11.
Art Director in an AD Agency.
197 salomon prolink demos
203 salomon force 9s
190 rossi vipers
150 dynastar twin-tips ("All-mountain" includes the park and pipe.)
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