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Brundage Mountain - Idaho

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I've sung the praises of Brundage Mountain in McCall, Idaho, before, but I thought I'd provide an update now that I've had the chance to sample the goods again this season. They opened two new lifts this year, a triple to replace the old poma/platter lift, and another triple to open up some new terrain on the backside.

The new lift on the backside has some surprisingly fun terrain. Its not super-steep, but its wide open and gets even less traffic than the rest of the mountain (plenty of untracked throughout the two days I was there this past week). They've left some little drops and other natural terrain features, as well.

The other new lift doesn't create any new terrain, but it does a great job of moving beginners/intermediate/ski school off the rest of the mountain, and its an ideal lift for beginners that don't want to face the cold and fog on top.

The mountain has so much skiable acreage for the amount of skiers it gets, the snow stays fresh for days. There are tons of open glades between the relatively few groomed runs, and it doesn't take much local knowledge or effort to access some great stashes.

It doesn't have tons of sick steeps, but if you're looking for a fun mountain with amazing snow and very little attitude, its tough to beat.
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Idaho here we come....

Thanks for the update.

We just booked a trip to McCall for Feb 26 - Mar 4th.
Never been to Idaho and really excited to go someplace away from the crowds. Actually never thought I'd go there but the $99 airfares from Philly made it any easy decision.

Hoping to ski a couple days at both Brundage and Tamarack and also get in a day snowmobiling while we're there.

Seems to be a decent amouint of snow there already which can only get better.
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Will Tell:

What airline did you book $99 out of Philly and what is the destination airport?

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Originally Posted by Lorian View Post
Will Tell:

What airline did you book $99 out of Philly and what is the destination airport?

US Airways to Boise (via Phoenix). Actually $104 going, $99 returning and they appeared to only have those rates on Tuesdays.
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I know this thread is way old, but can anyone give me anything about present conditions at Brundage? I'll be up there next week.

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