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Watch out! The Canucks are Coming

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Check out the depth and performance of the Canadian team as they start to prepare for the Whistler WC races in February.

Also, the Whistler Weasel Workers are looking for info on volunteer ski race workers throughout the US & Canada.
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The Canadian men’s and women’s ski teams truly have a lot of depth.
I hope that they can hit their peak during the 2010 winter games in Vancouver.
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The Canadian race team has made great strides in the last several season's. How much of a difference has Ken Read's direction of the Alpine Race program made? Canada has had many very talented racers since the Crazy Canucks but now its showing in the results.
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I think a lot of factors have come into play to give CAST its recent success. Certainly Ken Read seems to be setting a good direction and trying to get all levels of Canadian racing working to provide good path from Nancy Greene racers right up to the WC level.
The 2010 Own the Podium money as well as increased sponsorships and donations have made a very significant impact as well (see Camp Green on the Farnham glacier).
I think there's also been some good leadership from within the team - Thomas Grandi played a large role in his last seasons before retirement, both as a team leader and competitor, showing Canadians can compete even in the Tech events where we've traditionally been weak. Erik Guay is now stepping up as a team leader too.
They also seem to have settled on a fairly solid base of coaches, which is a definite benefit to the athletes when they have some familiarity rather than turnover year after year.

That's not to say there aren't places to improve - tech teams on both sides are weak (for the men) and virtually non-existant for the women (although props to Anna Goodman for her first WC points this past weekend in the Lienze SL), and the woman's team is a bit plagued by injuries and lacking some depth (hopefully the 2010 Acceleration team will help that in the coming seasons).

All in all, things are shaping up great, and let's hope there's more where it came from!
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Youth, Talent, Coaching and Training Facilities

Nice to get some feedback

I think the combination of a very young, hard working and talented team and great coaching is a major factor.

Also, I think the Farnham glacier training facility was also helpful ..... good snow, at high altitude close to home. Beats overseas travel every time!

It would be nice to get some feedback about volunteer race organizations. We know about Beaver Creek's Talon Crew and other race volunteer groups in British Columbia and Alberta and would like to hear from others If you have an organization of race workers, send us info and photos and we'll give you a page of your own on the Weasel Worker Web site.
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