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Artech or SVST Diamonds?

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Anyone know how these two compare? Artech are 1/2 the cost!


Artech -

The SVST cost $40 at a local ski shop but work so well with the SVST edge guide.
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The Artech items you linked to are not complete stones, just replacement grit strips. SVST replacement strips are similar in price.

Here are the full Artech stones ($20):
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FWIW, we're planning on phasing out the SVST World Cup Diamond Files:

and have been replacing them with the new SVST World Cup 4 Inch Diamond Files:

They both use the same replaceable diamond strips and we can still order and supply the SVST World Cup Diamonds if you prefer them. Can't speak for the Artech's, but as with all machined tools from SVST, these are very sweet, anodized aluminum backs that will last indefinitely and very nice diamond strips.
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Those look pretty nice. How much are the new ones going for?
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The link shows costs per SVST's uniform pricing policy. (We have (1) lower cost 120 grit WC diamond left.)
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