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Wind forces Whiteface evac

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The upper quad at Whiteface had to have 47 folks evacuated yesterday after a communication line fouled the cable in high winds.

No injuries reported.
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I've often talked about lift evacuations, as there are those signs telling you in case of emergency don't jump but wait for the Patrol to evacuate. I've heard stories of lift evacs but they never seem to be first hand. I've never seen or been involved in one.

Any of y'all who have been evacuated from a chair care to share the story?
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I have been accused of being a Bag of Wind, but I was no where near Whiteface! I have an alibi!!!
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Here is a few practice lift evac photos, which are practiced every year. On a not too long double chair lift with a number of evac teams, a chair lift evac can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Enjoy the practice lift evac photos
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