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Colorado Passes

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Is there anyway to avoid paying the full $320 for the Vail resorts pass? This includes only 10 days at vail and Beaver Creek but unlimited everywhere else owned by Vail.

I have never actually skied Vail but have skied most everywhere else. Are Vail's back bowls really that good? I could get an A-basin pass for 99 dollars, also good for 5 days at other vail resorts, one day at vail.

I like to ski steeps, moguls, anything. Good snow, challenging terrain, and small lift lines are most important to me. (Isn't it for everyone!?)
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Damn. That sounds cheap. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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A-Basin maybe better this year due to their snowmaking which will help them open earlier this year. Last year they didn't even open till the end of December I believe, it may have been January... I know it was very late. I would have used up those 5 days in the first 2 weeks of Novemeber. But I gotta tell ya....as far as manmade snow at A-Basin...unless their the only ones open or we get a good start on natural snow it gets boring quick there on just groomers. I wouldn't limit myself to A-basin with only five days elsewhere...unless you only plan on skiing only a handfull of days. 320 is expensive on a college budget but 60 bucks + a pop adds up quick. I usuall start skiing free in December...so figure 4 months of skiing free.

Yes Vails back bowls in my estimation are THAT good when it snows and it usually does. One of the things I like about vail is even when they get crowded there are so many lifts and the ski area is so big that even on some weekends it seems empty. Granted I try to avoid weekends at all costs but if you were to say "I know it's a weekend but where do you want to go?" ... I would say Vail. LEAVE VERY EARLY!
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I have the CO card, and it is a great deal, especially compared to what I used to pay when I lived in the east! I can understand the problems of a limited budget, however. I think that you may want to flexibility of other areas besides A Basin, however. The back bowls at Vail and Blue Sky are really great (I don't even ski the front side), as is the hike-to terrain at Breck. I am not so sure that the new snowmaking capability at the Basin will be helpful this year- have you seen Lake Dillon lately? (puddle dillon is more like it). With the severe drought conditions we are facing, I do not know how much snowmaking will be possible this year. You can also get a Buddy Pass (without the Vail days) for about $125 less, and buy discounted Vail days (about 40% off ticket window prices) or buy the A basin pass and find out if Copper is offering their discounted 4 ticket package again this year to supplement the A basin days.
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Biker- Go for the pass! Start early season in October at Keystone, ski the heck out of it mid- seaon, and end it up in July at the Basin! Even if you only use the 10 days at Vail/ Beaver Creek, who gets to ski there for only $31 per day? Then you can consider the rest of the days as a bonus. Crowds? Of course there are on weekends- go during the week!

I just got finished working the second weekend of SNIAGRAB at the Sport Castle in Denver, and I heard they sold almost 10k of the passes over the three day weekend. Those would be new ones!Last season Vail sold approx 100k of those passes! Most of those are being renewed online!
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