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Gear Advice Is Needed (Post Knee Surgery)

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Happy 2008 To All Of You!

My 7 year old have just completed today the level 5 of a ski school, so I am eager to join her soon on the slopes. The only problem, that couple year ago after falling miserably on the downhill, I had to have a knee surgery on my right leg, while my left knee is just a marginally better. After spending hours in ski shops and on this forum, I still can't understand if there is technology available other than Lange RRS, that would help such intermediate post surgery skiers to have a better support in ski boots.
The same uncertainty goes to binding. The only possible product from Kneebinding.com start-up is yet to reach the market.
Please advise me what kind of boots, skis and binding will ne a "kee-friendly" (I am a male skier 5' 11'', 180 pounds).
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the only thing i can recommend is to go to the gym and do lots of leg workouts, maybe find a ski-specific training class, but doing squats/leg press and lots of them (low weight) would be the best bet. I have had 3 knee surgeries (2 ACLs, 1 meniscus) and I don't blame my equipment for anything.
If you want to go all out on equipment try asterisk knee braces and LINE reactor bindings (if you can find them).
good luck.
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Does your Doctor approve? You have issues and their is never a perfect answer.

Short ... but not too short ...

DIN .. low enough to release yet not release too soon ...

You refer to the downhill ... as in race ... or a general reference to alpine versus nordic.

Most importantly this is better posted in the Boot specialty forum ... go with the experts ... and ... browse and post in the fitness section too. You may encounter folks who have had the same misfortune.
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Yuki, thanks for suggestions regarding low DIN settings. As far the term "downhill" is concerned I was referring to the style and not to the race.
I also noted that it was suggested to try LINE bindings. Is it hard to get them?
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Not familiar with Line bindings at all.

You will find issues among the bindings too. Marker has a reputation for pre-release. Sounds bad! However, if you talk to my kid (race), he claims that he like a little "give" ... the toe will start to release and then return.

If you are going to return and want quality time with you daughter, try to find the quite spots on the hill away from traffic and dealing with issues regarding other skier/borders. There are usually some mid mountain areas or just an out of the way trail that will be more relaxing.

Look at the times you will ski with her and pick them with care. Sunday morning was great, most of the crowd didn't show till around ten. People were at church or recovering from the Saturday party and between 8 and 10:30 the place was almost deserted. Once again, low pressure skiing. We had a lot of senior (older) pass holders who would just come out for those two good hours on Saturday & Sunday ..... the groomed was best with no piles building up ... once the mania started they were having brunch.
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yurta, welcome to EpicSki!

Different bindings aren't going to make a significant difference in terms of knee stability or safety. Different folks will give you different opinions about them, but in general they are designed around the same characteristics.

I would suggest making sure that your boots have been fit to you by a true specialist who understands the challenges you are having. I would also suggest a PT or personal fitness trainer to make sure that your muscles are able to support the knee joint well. That is your best defense against injury. Where are you located?
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