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Mojo 90 vs Prophet 90 vs 888

Lots of questions here. I am wondering if anyone can give me a comparison of the Mojo 90 vs Prophet 90 vs 888, or 1st person feedback on any of these skis . I have skied the 176 (or 175 can't remember) lengths of the Mojo 90 and the Elan 888, but have never skied the prophet and can not find a place to demo the Prophet or longer lengths of the Mojo 90 or 888.

I am 6 foot and about 235 lbs (should be 220). I like fall line skiing, enjoy the steeps, and at times allow my mass to attain some fairly high speeds. While I enjoy skiing fairly quickly, I like a ski that is quick and responsive enough to be thrown around as neccesary for speed checks on steeps when carved turns are not an option, or when the unexpected obstacle presents itself.

I have east coast carvers, and am looking for a soft snow ski for the east. I have some volkl Explosivs in 180, but find them too much work to turn on tighter east coast terrain when high speed is not possible (at least not prudent).

I really liked the Mojo 90, it was quick, light, had good edge hold, and is very easy to ski. However, the ski felt short for me. At speed I felt like I wanted a couple more inches of ski in front of me. I am wondering if the 186 might be a better fir for me. I am wondering if the mojo 90's at 186 will increase stability without giving up much maneuverability? Any thoughts on 176 vs 186 length? I did read Finn's Review of the Mojo 90 and he mentioned Bob Peters (and possibly Phil Pug) steered him to the 176 length. Wondered if anyone could shed some light on that thought process?

I really liked the 888's but they were the last ski I demoed and only got one run on them. Unfortunately the run was full of small bumps so I could not let them run or fully check out their ability to alter turn shape. I did find them easy to ski and easy to turn. I also found them to be a ski that will ride an edge making medium size carved turns through 1-2 foot bumps without complaint. They did feel much more stable at speed than the mojo 90's (176).

I would love to hear feedback from someone who has skied the prophet 90 (179) or another length. I hear they are quick, light, great in crud, stable at speed, and willing to carve all but the hardest eastern ice. If this is true, it is alot to be said for one ski. Can anyone give me a review of the Prophet 90?

Any help would be aprreciated.