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Two Boots or Four?

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Firstly, huge apologies as I've been horrendously lazy and just done a cut and paste job on this from another forum I use.

Okay then, bootmeistros!

I've currently got a pair of Salomon Proforma Something-or-others that are three or four years old (four I think). I've skied about eight weeks on them. I had what was probably about an hour fitting session, and did the exercises for the liners that you heat and then put the boots on to mould (sort of anyway).

Is it worth getting another set of boots? A few things that may (or may not) have an effect:

My skiing style has changed quite a bit in the four years I've had the boots. When I bought them I was someone who was comfortable parallelling on blues (European) and still a bit tentative on reds (occassionally reverting to snow-ploughing on steeper bits). Now I'm much more aggressive, seeking out rather than avoiding blacks, skiing bumps, powder (still quite badly...) and whilst on piste, carving quite aggressively given a clear run.

I also want to become more involved in racing when I get the opportunity. Part of this is my plan to start on the CSCF L1 this spring. Would I feel a difference with a pair of stiff/race boots?

I am hoping (and intending) to spend next season in Canada, and was wondering if having two sets of boots could be an advantage?

My current boots (being for an early-intermediate) are quite flexible, so was wondering if it was worth getting a pair of stiffer boots (or even race based boots) for gates and on-piste stuff, then use my old, more flexible ones for bumps/powder days and instructing (as I suspect they would be a better choice for teaching the snow-plough).

Any thoughts/advice etc will be hugely appreciated.
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just use one boot for the most part. A few instructors have a low end teaching boot and a real ski boot (tighter stiffer)

When you get to canada, why not ask the instructors that are teaching you how the flex is for you. Also if you do get new boots the local boot fitters can work with you to get the right fit and then adjust it after you ski it. Odds are better that you will get into the right boot that way.
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skisimon, go visit CEM. Take your boots and ask him. Given what you're saying, I'm almost certain you'll be happier with a higher performance boot (and higher performance fit!). But, given your skill level, you'll want to make sure that they fit more than just your foot... but also your leg and your overall morphology.
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