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Heavy Weight getting back into skiing

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I have been away from skiing for about 12 years now and have also enjoyed a great marriage to a fine cook which has me tipping the scales at 280lb and I am only 5'10". I am on my way to 200lbs but I want to ski NOW. I was an intermediate/advanced skier 12 years ago skiing on Dynastar Coupe X8 203's.

Do I have a good chance of breaking whatever I rent?

How long do I have to go in todays skis? 203's seem very long today!

I also have a wide foot and it took me months to find a boot that fit back in 1994. I don't think those rear entry Salomans will cut it today.
I plan on going to a local shop to get the boots but was wondering which manufacturer I should look at?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Kosmo & welcome to Epic,

I'm also a bigger guy. My interest in skiing has helped keep me active.

I would consider boots first. This website offers good info: http://www.bootfitters.com/

Find a good bootfitter from this list: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=59275

There are many good skis out there, even for bigger skiers. Find something that is 69 to 74mm wide at the waist. My favorite is the Dynastar Contact Limited in a 178cm. Easy to use yet beefy.

Hope that helps,

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I'll second the notion that you will be on something in the 175 to 183 cm length. Skis today are much better constructed and designed than when you last skied. They take less effort to turn, are generally more durable and much more stable in shorter lengths. Welcome back, you'll have a great time! Where do you ski?

With regard to boots, use the search function here to look for "wide foot" and look for threads in Ask the Boot Guys. That question has been answered a lot. Also be sure to read the gear FAQ here and in the Boot Guy forum. Learn about shell fitting, and use those guidelines to find the right gear.
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Thanks for the advice. I have just relocated to Bend, Oregon and will be skiing primarily at Mt. Bachelor. I learned to ski exclusively at Lake Tahoe in the early 90's, back when snowboarding was not allowed at Alpine Meadows. I skied everything from Kirkwood, Heavenly, Sugar Bowl, and Sqauw for 2 seasons, then moved to Annapolis, Maryland. I skied a couple times out there where the run lasted 40 seconds and the lift ride to 8 minutes so I kind of lost interest plus we had 2 kids and I had a major career change. So 12 years later I find myself at the base of Mt Bachelor and can't wait to get on skis again!!
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Bend is one of my favorite cities

I would contact Scott at Village Bike & Ski in Sun River.

Scott has been providing great advice & deals to Epic members for several years;



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