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So, are you skiing yet ?

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Yesterday I saw a report that the drought still continues in the mountains, and places like Vail, Aspen and possibly some areas in the Wasatch will not be open for Thanksgiving. Is even Loveland still open ?

What's the latest based upon either your experience or other crediable sources.
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Sadly I can confirm that there will be no skiing in The Wasatch this Thanksgiving.The temps have been to high for the resorts to even make snow.Yesterday the Temp hit 59F at 7000 foot.My skis are tuned and waxed and here we are looking out over brown ski runs.I might be going out on a limb here,but I am buying powder skis this year! We Will Have Snow and soon!!!!!!
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Been skiing at Copper for a week. Conditions good enough to move Aspen's World Cup there. Limited terrain, but top to bottom. Base about 14 inches. Loveland is similar. Demoed skis at Keystone today. They just opened a top-to-bottom run, but the snow isn't as good as Copper's. The demos were fun--real good selectio of brands and models. I was looking for a short, quick, hard-snow ski around 170 cm and the test conditions were perfect! Yard sales and slides everywhere on the steep sections!
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Breck opened yesterday, actually thought the snow was better there then it was when I was at keystone last week.

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Loveland has been open with snowmaking since October 18th. Terrain is limited but the snow cover is good and skiing has been pretty nice. Slopes are uncrowded during the week, busy Sat & Sun. Where there has been no snowmaking it is completely dry. I bet there hasn't been more than 6 inches of natural snow all month. Ski school opens Tuesday 11/20 and the Valley will have two more runs open to the public Monday after the Nature Valley Cup is over. We need some colder weather and a couple of BIG dumps to get back to normal. I've seen this dry pattern in November before, but I don't recall it being so warm.
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hey boys i envy all of you. i moved 1500 miles to schwietzer mountian to ski hella pow and to work lift opps and we have no snow!!! I hope all of you out there pray that all of the mtns get just dumped on cuz living on the credit card for the last month is taking its toll
ride hard and land soft!
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WOW, Mitch!
you moved from where?
I've skied Schweitzer a bunch of times. I skied it last year with that six person chair. pretty neat. I've known Schweitzer for some heinous fog. Although I remember last year there was some of the best powder right under the chair, so I hit it about 4 times in a row. So obvious, yet so untouched! anyway, when you have snow, we'll have snow. coming to ski Turner at least once this year?

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Just had my first day today at St Sauveur , Quebec. It was all artificial, but boy did it feel good.
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Today was opening day at Sunshine Village, and it was pretty sweet. I skied about 3 feet of pow all day, it was better than any day last year. It's just too bad that my skills were a bit rusty, but it wasn't too bad for the first day of the season.
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This is a bit depressing, hope the PNW can get dump'd on soon......
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: Very warm here in Toronto so there is no chance to make artificial snow.

Mont Tremblant opened this weekend and Aesch says that St. Saveur (which is north of Montreal) is opened too. I am glad to hear that!

I am going skiing to Trembant next weekend, even if I have to ski on grass.

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I skied Saturday and Sunday at Loon Mt, NH. The skiing was off the top, ride the East Basin Chair and ride the gondola back down. No easy stuff yet, it’s all man-made, they are working on the beginner trail. Upper Picked Rock and Upper Flying Fox to Cross-cut to East Basin Chair. It was warm, sunny and good to be out.
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Jim - we must have passed each other a couple of times up there. Were you there when the East Basin chair broke down on Sunday? Other than that the skiing was pretty solid. Looks like they were trying to blow from Exodus to Upper Bear Claw and down through either Rolling Bear or the Link. I think they wanted to be able to open the Seven Bros. triple to get people up.

I'll be there again this weekend so we'll see. Forecast calls for it to get colder again towards the end of the week with potential snow on Saturday.
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I've been skiing about 4 times over the last three weeks at Keystone and it has not been to bad except for the lift lines. It looks like there is hope for Colorado for Thanksgiving and the end of November. Check out this weather report from Copper, I hope it is right, keep you fingers crossed.
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: grrrrrrrrrrr! :
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Hey mike_m, are you going to be posting some reviews of the skis you demoed for us gearheads?
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I skied Okemo on Sunday-Sunny warm and beautiful. I can't stop smiling!!!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lucky:
: grrrrrrrrrrr! :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hey Lucky - that's my line.

Can we hear a collective "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr" from everyone in the PNW? On three......


Can you believe all this rain and not one single flake (not counting the ppl on the road and in my office)?

Mt. Rainier was GEORGOUS bad it won't snow.

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We skied Sunday River on Saturday. All manmade stuff, but the coverage was great. We had a great time -- if you are in New England, I would recommend it highly.

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I was working in the yard all weekend in shorts and a t-shirt. At this point a little rain would be nice....Bone dry here in the Northeast lately.....

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Sugar: I have been able to run without getting soaked, but enough is enough, I can only wax my skis so many times. I may have to do the Blackcomb thing.
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Those of us who can not or will not be able to ski yet, take heart.

Thanksgiving is about a week earlier this year than last, by next weekend it will be better.

Take a moment to remember the fallen, our military and the president and the cabinet who are doing such an outstanding job...

Happy Turkey day to one and all...

and may G-d Bless America !
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