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helicoiling advice

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Could do with some binding mounting advice.

My rossi b3's 06 were hand drilled by a shop, unbelievably, the bindings were mounted visibly out of alignment. That occured in europe, need to get them fixed.

The shop i've taken them to today says they can be helicoiled, another shop said they can't due to the shock absorber material in the top of this ski. Who should I believe? also the "helicoils" were the tap in type rather than screw in.

Lastly is it safe to mount bindings with all screws helicoiled?

Any advice appreciated,

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forgot to mention the rear riser plates were mounted upside down and back to front!
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I'd be asking for replacement skis if the job's been botched that badly.
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The skis were bought in the UK - had them mounted in Italy whilst on holiday by a shop recommended by the ski company I was on holiday with.
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Helicoil them. That rubber in the mounting area of the B3 is not an issue for pound-in type helicoils.
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