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Any Front Rangers skiing New Years Day?

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I'm thinking about skipping NYE festivities and getting up for some skiing Tuesday. Anyone else planning to be at Loveland or any of the Vail resorts?
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Should be a great day to be on snow. Most of the revelers don't get out until well into the afternoon...

I'd join you... but I'm off on another plane... :
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Thinkin about it. I'm having some vehicle issues that I hope to have resolved by Monday night...I think I actually still have yer cell. I'll give you a shout if I'm headin up.
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Vail or BC

Leaning toward Vail on tues-am not a front ranger-but could meet up for some turns. Shoot me a PM..

We have been getting pounded by a storm all day-I imagine a foot or so by the time it ends. Hella windy though..

I would love to make some turns with some fellow Bears!!


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I'm 50/50 right now to ski Tuesday. Mike, call me when you're near Georgetown. I'm partial to Loveland or any of the Summit County VRs.

Will Mrs. madmike also be up?
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Not sure if Tiff will be coming up or not. I'd like to drag her up with me, so we'll see.
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Tomorrow should be some nice skiing... especially on the leeward slopes and in the trees... I'm sure it'll still be nice on the 1st, and you'll probably actually able to get up there... I-70 now closed... both directions at the tunnel and Vail pass.
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We should be at Loveland on Tues. with the Dear Wife & maybe a Son or two! I have been up in the High Country since 27th working & we had a Real nice Storm roll through yesterday,8" but a lot of wind!
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Loveland is going to be brutal tomorrow -- high of 14F with gusts of up to 50mph. Almost all the Summit County ski areas have a similar forecast, but with Loveland's exposed terrain, it'll be a exercise in hardiness!
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Keystone. Definitely a Keystone day!
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Keystone. Definitely a Keystone day!
Those Gondolas might be nice and you'll be skiing and I will not:
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Gondolas... and more importantly: trees!
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Are you guys going to get up there? Right now, http://cotrip.org is still showing I-70 closed from Floyd Hill to Vail! All passes closed, too...
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70 WB is fully open. They're opening EB in stages in order to avoid a massive traffic jam.
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Funny! They just opened it at 3:20, and I missed it. Thanks, faisasy...

...and we will ski together one of these days, right?!
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Winter Park for gf and me. Have Loveland tix but gf had a bad experience there and won't return until at least late this season.
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Happy New Year to you all!

The weather has been downright brutal up here, cold, windy, with whiteout and drifted driving conditions. They were probably doing everyone a favor by keeping I-70 closed most of the day.

But it's open now, and forecast to be a bit warmer tomorrow. As Steve suggests, all that powder will be in the trees--and it won't be windy there. Enjoy!

Best regards,
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Well, so much for "skipping NYE festivities". I highly doubt that we'll be up in the am for skiing. Faisal, I'll let you know in case we happen to come up in the afternoon for some dinner or something... but only if you hear from us. Have fun and stay warm.
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I seriously considered coming this morning. But, forecast winds of 50 mph with wind-chill of -25, kept me in bed.

The past 2 weeks have been brutal, especially at Loveland.

SSH is right; if you're going, seek refuge in Keystone. We were there on Saturday. The snow is nice, with limited wind, and warmer temps. Head directly to Outback, where crowds are thin.
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a few of the Brave were out today!
"Tango Frio!"
But I think last year @ the Basin with Jgiddy & Bong was more Fresco then today!
Happy New Year!
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Well done, Vert!

I've got a few more days before I'll be on snow again...
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