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Info on Snow Rangers

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I am looking to buy a pair of Volkl Snow Rangers. The pictures I saw look tan and greenish. Any idea on how old these are?
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too old.
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8 years +/- one or two
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I think I'll avoid them
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Their a great all mountain ski. If you find a brandnew or low mileage set, they would be a great ski to add to your quiver. I still have a set and they are good backcountry skis.
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Ditto, still ride my '95/'96 200s, blue & yellow, on ocassion.

This year at Vail in April, Bert & Yeti's voted the last Thursday of the season as one of the top-5 worse days of the season. Guess what I was riding? And yeah, I had a great time!

Of course, they only see a day or two each season now. Though they seem a bit flexier now, still quiet!

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I ride the pale blue and yellow with clouds model as rock skis a few days a year. They have the classic stiff Volkl wood/Ti sandwich, but they don't have a lot of sidecut. so, not so fun on groomed and firm and not very wide for deep. So they don't fit in real well nowadays. The G-41 might have more applications.


The tan model was older than the sky cloud model, and the sky cloud model must be 10+ by now. (I think)

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That ski is near cult status.  Like all classics, they are not as good as what is out there now, but will be prized in a retro collection soon.  I had the blue clouds in a 200, used them for three years and sold them for nearly what I paid new.

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They are prized no doubt. RIght when the wacky shapes appeared the Rangers show up with the cloud graphix. It was more of a GS cut with better dampening, the turns were long on firm snow, sucked big time in bumps or powder bumps. Best ski at the time for cut-up back bowls, hands down!!!


My first time was at the Bush back in Dec. '95. My buddy grabs a demo pair of 190s, so we could both ski them. Castlerock is open and it is dumping the whole ride up the NY Thruway.

Mid-week, knee-deep and these things just RULE!!! I couldn't catch him to get my turn until the next day.


I went with the 200s before my bro bought his 190s, which was a good move as the 200s were BIG in the trees. BTW he just bought AC50s last month at Vail, he was still riding those Rangers from '96 to last year. He claims he is not Scotch!


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I have owned several pairs of Rangers starting the second year they were out.  I skied my 190 tele setup a few times early season this year.  I had to donate two pairs to the thrift shop this fall to get them out of my garage.  I don't think they have any real value anymore. 

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They were definitely a classic ski, but I haven't skied mine in many years.  Junie's shop in Jackson sold more than any other shop in the US. 

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