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Fischer RC4 WC RC 175cm FS

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Couldn't decide whether to post here or over on TGR

Several folks have posted reviews of these skis on the forum including barrettscv and me. Here's mine. Click here.

These are from the 2004-2005 season but were bought new in the late spring of 2005 (after the season ended). They have 6 days from 2005-2006 season and only 1 day from last season on them. Skis are full laminate cheater GS skis with a 2-piece non-pre-drilled race plate. The tale of the tape is:

Never been ground, no rocks, edges have only seen diamond stones. In fact the only marks on them are from a small burr I developed on a waxing iron (upon discovering, said iron was flung against cinder block wall and some almost imperceptible topsheet marks from being in a cartop box with 5 other pairs of skis. Skis were waxed/brushed after every use and always kept with storage wax over the summer. Factory structure is still going strong. If you looked at these skis from 5 feet away, you would think they were brand new.

Bindings are Tyrolia D9 SX Cyber Carbon Free Flex (Austrians loooove long names) with DIN range of 4-14. Drilled only once for BSL 0f 320mm.

Why am I selling you ask? I bought these with the intention of joining a beer league racing program. Work and family commitments have kept that pipe dream from becoming a reality and I just get more versatility out of my Dynamic VR17 Slaloms with the Atomic Variozone binding.

Asking price $250 + shipping. Other than the graphics, this ski was unchanged for the 05/06 and 06/07 seasons. The latest version (07/08)has a better plate/binding but the asking price is $1,100 (click here). No real change to the ski though.

Pics? You want pics?
Click here
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62 looks and no PM's? No questions? OK, I'll ask one...is the price too high? Ask anybody that's skied on these and they will tell you this deal is a steal. Not going to lower the price...I'll just keep 'em.

I'm not kidding people: 7 days on these skis. That's it. Never seen a rock. They're better than new because of all the wax I've melted into the bases.

Come on all you right-coasters. You know you want them.
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I just want to add that this is a great ski & binding package at a great price. I had this exact year & model.

Think of the Worldcup RC as a cross between a RX9 and a (FIS legal) Worldcup GS ski.

The ski is ideal for a skilled skier who needs a cheap hardsnow carver to use on no-new snow days. This would be the ideal complement to someone who uses a Gotama or Head Monster 88 but wants something quick and stable with great edgegrip for higher speed groomer cruising or beer-league racing.

The bindings alone are worth half the asking price.

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Thanks Michael. Skis are sold. I'm sad, but now I can pay for my plane tix to Sacramento.::
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