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Zipfit liners in a high volume boot

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Hi All,
I have recently purchased a pair of 27.5 Technica Vento 6 boots. My actually shoe size is a 9 EEEE and i have a very high instep, and a narrow heel. They feel about right for width, and instep. I can only buckle on the second notch, max. But I am getting a ton of heel slippage. I took them back to the boot fitter, and he showed me a better way to buckle 'em up, they felt good in the store so he made no modifications for me. But on the mountain, just after walking to the lift line, they got sloppy in the heel again. Unfortunately, I feel the fitter is not going to be helpful and a waste of my time. My boots have always been a problem and after research I think the Zipfit liners could be the answer I have been searching for.

My question is which Zipfit model will work best in a high volume boot? I am concerned about enough material to accommodate the HVL boot. Are there specific concerns with a zipfit in a HVL boot? After reading their website I am not positive, but it appears the "Classic" model is the one. Do any of you have experience putting them into a Vento 6 and if so what is you opinion of them?

Edit: I forgot to mention the nearest Zipfit dealer is 100 miles away, so it is real inconvenient to go in. Anyone reccomend an exceptional boot fitter in the Portland, OR. area, or Mt Hood. Maybe even bend, I get over there often enough.

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i can't recomend a fitter in your area as i am the other side of the pond...sure someone more local will be along soon

as for the zipfit, it may be the way to go on the other hand if your heel is narrow then there may not even be enough volume in the classic to take up the space..... the classic has a cordura side panel on it whcih means it does not stretch out to the width of the forefoot as well as the grand prix or the world cup which are both neoprene

i would also question if the boot is not too big in length to cater for the width, just with the us shoe size being a 9 [uk8] which would be towards the bottom end of 27 being converted and the boot you have being massively oversized ...... all this said without seeing the foot in the boot so may be way out!!!

time to find that boot fitter and take their advice, it may be cheaper in the long run to start from scratch with a new boot
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Okay, I appreciate that. Thank you. I took another look at the boots to confirm the size. The shell is stamped 270-275. The liner says US 9.5. If I am a 9 EEEE is that oversized enough to take a second look. If 270 is a 9 and 275 is a 9.5 and my shells say 270-275, but my liners say 9.5 what size do I really have? I assume a 9.5 US. 1/2 size too big. When I put my boot in the shell, I get about 2 and a half fingers at the calf, but in the heel pocket there is more, probably at three fingers. It so far down I have to eyeball it.
This sorta ticks me off. I feel the salesperson should have known.
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27 and 27.5 are the same shell or will fit the same after the liner packs out

3 fingers is too big by 1+ size, or more. 5-15mm (more accurate then fingers) is what you are looking for in the back of the shell.

Best bet is to get a boot that holds you heel well, and make more room for the foots width. You can make a small boot bigger, but can't go the other way.

Sounds like you got a sales persons, not a boot fitter.
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