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Volkl 5-Star.. What ski comes next?

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Hello gang,

I've been skiing the 5 Star for a few years now and have found it to be a stable Cadillac through groomed conditions. Now I'm starting to race some gates at 39 years of age and find the ski to be a little sluggish in the slalom gates.(it could just be me)
I'm 6ft, 145lbs, level 8.

I'm considering an upgrade to the Elan SLX Fusion Pro, Fischer RC4 Progressor, or the Rossi 9s Ti oversize.

Versatility is a plus, but edge to edge quickness would be the primary concern now. I plan to keep the 5 Star for our GS gates since it seems to give me some really nice carves on high speed wide turns.

Anyone had the chance to ski any of these models?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Have you considered an Atomic LT-series? (LT11, LT12)

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Hi Y-Manic,

I think you will find the Progressor very different from your 5 Star.

The 5 Star was first produced on 2001 and has now been replaced by the Tigershark. The 5 Star is a great ski, but it's more of an all-mountain carver than race ski. The comparable ski from Fischer would be the RX8 or 9 series. The 5 star was made to be both damp and stable and this helps it perform well in broken snow. It's intentionally muted to help the all-mountain skier conquer any conditions.

The Fischer Progressor is an evolution of the highly successful Fischer race skis. More US team members use Fischer than any other brand. Fischer has made both FIS legal GS & SL skis and "cheater" skis that do not meet FIS rules. All of the models listed in this family use the same laminate with vertical sidewall construction that domonate race skis, regardless of manufacturer. These models, including the WC RC, WC SC & Progressor, provide superb top end performance; while the non-FIS sidecut makes them easier to use and quicker to turn.

I recently used the 2008 Tigershark & Progressor back-to-back and found the Progressor to be more lively while losing nothing in terms of stability. The skinnier Progressor is also very good in broken snow, but would not be suitable for off-piste.

For adult leage racing its really no contest, the progressor will support development and provide results in a way that the older and much differerent 5 star will not.

Hope that helps.

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