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Monarch, Near Gunnison

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Greetings, has any one skied Monarch? How would you rate it in regard to beginning skiers / family oriented? Further, how early can one expect good snow? Planning a trip late Nov / early Dec and wondered if it would be safe to make arangements (reservatiosn etc). Thanks, have a great day. S.Beemer
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I've skied Monarch many times, usually for PSIA events or Races. Its really a great little mountain, great family mountain. I believe it is 2cd to Wolf Creek in snowfall for Colorado. Normally it should have good coverage by the middle of November though that can be a couple of weeks earlier or later of course. If their is a drought, they don't have the snowmaking capacity to recover from it - so you might want to hold on as long as you can before commiting yourself.
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I skied Monarch quite a bit when I lived in CO Springs. Nice family resort with a few challenging runs under the lifts. Never crowded and lots of good snow, if I recall. The peak is right on the continental divide and it's got a very high base elevation.

Pretty fun place, cheap, and uncrowded. Bring chains or 4WD as the road up can get nasty from windblown even when it hasn't snowed in a while.
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