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Anyone try the FT bumble bee boots Yet? I realy like the Atomic m110,s and the Solomon Impact 8 and 9. I need new boots and arnt sure. I am an agresseve skiier that has been skiing since I was 5 and am 43 athletic. I enjoy being the fastest on the hill and also love the bumps when there are any anymore!!!! We get DEEEP Powder up hear 2-3ft almost always. i have a thing about getting good air at speed and can twister spread in the bumps still. tree skiing in the powder Rocks also. Do ya think these re-encarnations of the old Rachlie,s measure up to the other two boots I mentioned? I have a narrow heal and a little wider fore foot thats wy I like the Atomics and the solomans fit. they wont let me try the boot first hear so i need to make an edjucated guess!! I had some Rachlies{sp} back in 1983 and liked them but not sure if they are made even better now or not to compare with the new stuff. Any help would be appreciated.: