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Sunday River lodging

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First time going to SR, and I'm looking for a place, preferably ski-in ski-out, for my family, 2 adults, 2 kids. Because of the youngest one (6 yo), we need to stay next to a green slope.

I'd like to go up either Tue or Wed of the President's week (19th or 20th), and stay 3-4 nights, but all the lodging I could find on sundayriver.com, hotel or condo, have this minimum 5 night rule, starting on Monday.

Am I out of luck? Is there another website where I can find ski-in ski-out place for fewer than 5 nights? A family friend is coming up for the weekend, 22-24, but to overlap our time with them, we'd have to stay 6 nights, which is too much.

From the reviews I've found, 'Jordan' doesn't seem like a place I'd enjoy. Since I got young kids, even a studio will do.

Your help is greatly appreciated...
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In the past, there was a minimum night stay applied to holiday periods -- my guess is that is what the 5 night minimum for President's week is about. I have stayed at Sunday River many times -- if your kids are going to be in daycare or ski school, then staying at the South Ridge area is most convenient (IMO) -- Both Cascades and Sunrise condos allow for ski-in/ski-out and both are about 100 yards above the South Ridge lodge (where the ski school and daycare has always been situated). Hopethis helps.

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It's better to call and talk to the reservations people than go by what you find on the Sunday River website.
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I dont knowwhat reviews you have read about the Jordan but it is a great Hotel/Condo.
Our group of 5 families have stayed there 5 times for spring break in March and loved it. In fact the reason we kept returning was because of this condo. It is true ski in ski out, it has a huge heated outdoor pool and hot tubs, steam rooms and sauna.
The common areas and rooms are very nice and extremely clean. There are private owners in this building so everything is kept upgraded.
because it is located mid mountain we never had to worry about our kids wandering away because there is no place to go.
If you are looking for wild night life this isnt the spot, but neither is anything else at Sunday River. What it does have is great snow, great grooming and a large amount of different terrain.
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