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Hello, an old college buddy of mine and I are getting together with the family we plan to head to Mammoth and need some input as far and day care goes. We each have a 18-24 month old child. My experiences with resort child care has been hit and miss. So any suggestion would be great.

My recommendations experiences for infant care:

Durango Mtn Resort: Blizzard Babies - awesome bunch. Staff has always been excellent and stayed on kid to staff ratio. Food is ok (chicken nuggets, mac n cheeze, fruit cups etc). Price reasonable about ~$70/day. We have used

Breckenridge: Kinderhut - sux completely. Small space, understaffed. Kids left in highchairs trying feed themselves. NEVER stayed on kid to staff ratio. Someone from staff was always going to restroom and be right back. Price about~$100/day. We had our child in for 3 days and decided to pull her out and never went back.