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Encouragement for Beginner Skiers

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There are a number of posts advising beginner skiers to take a lesson(s) with a professional. Not only will they know how to train you and have great drills for you to practice, they will know how to encourage you to develop. I recently heard a guy (husband/boyfriend?) say to the woman he was skiing with, "Now, don't disappoint me....". She fell immediately.........what a surprise??? She looked very stressed!

Instructors know what to expect from various students with different backgrounds and it's unlikely that you would ever recieve anything other than encouragement. Your spouse/girlfriend is more likely to want to ski if she learns what she needs to learn and receives the support she needs and your relationship is probably a lot safer too....

If you do decide to try to coach your spouse/friend, take a patience pill and go out of your way to encourage their development whatever pace it happens at. Don't make it a stressful situation for that person!
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Since I live so far from any resorts or instructors, I have been helping my 8 year old daughter. I spent several days reading the various threads on this site and have gotton some GREAT help with this. Thank you all. She is having fun, and that is what matters to me, and she is learning, far faster then I could imagine. The one thing I did discover though about kids, they can get discoraged by a parent fairly fast. I had to rethink my aproach a couple of times. The other thing I discovered was that with kids is the teaching bloc can only last about 20 minutes before you have to just let them have fun by themselves. Also you have to be aware that they get cold quick, so keep their gear in good shape. Again weather you ment to or not, all of you here at the forums have been a great help!
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You have great insite on how to teach and how to change your tactics and approach to the situation. The experience that you and your daughter have is something that you two will always share . My kids still talk about their early ski learning experiences (and they were very young).

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Great job recognizing how fast a parent can discourage a child when teaching them ! Kids, they just wanna have fun, & then they just wanna go fast. Well, mostly they want to have fun, they sure pick things up quick & us grown ups tend to want to dwell beyond what our kids need to hear.
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