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Shuttle service other than CME to Copper?

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I'm trying to plan a trip to Copper Mountain and I've found a good hotel/air/lift ticket package, but the shuttle from Denver Airport is killing me. All I can find is Colorado Mountain Express and the round trip charge is almost the same as the airfare from Ohio! $75/person each way. Anyone done anything else? I checked into a rental car and that would save a little, but I'm not sure if that would end up being more of a hassle.

Any advice appreciated.
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Unfortunately CME is about it and I agree they are pricey.
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You could save a few dollars by taking the shuttle to the Frisco transportation center and then taking the free summit county bus to Copper. Not the best idea if you've got loads of luggage, but if your money is tight or you just can't bear to pay extra...
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Funny you should post this thread because I can across the same thing. It would cost more RT for 2 adults then if you rent an SUV. I would try sidestep to rent an SUV.
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Sorry that should be "Came across" and not can across!
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Thanks for the info guys. Yeah Allie, I was pretty shocked and so were my brothers who I'm going with. I don't see how that is considered a reasonable price. We're considering an SUV as well but because of the date we're traveling and the number of days there it works out to be only about $150-200 less for our group of 4, but we still might go that route if we end up staying farther from the mountain.
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Never figure out how they EVER get any business! Shuttle so expensive compare to rental car. Not to mention you're limited by their fixed schedule vs. come and go as you wish with a rental car.
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you might try summit taxi 453taxi.com i think, but cme is your best option.
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Try http://www.greyhound.com/home/

You can go roundtrip from Denver to Frisco for ~$26. Hard to beat that.

The greyhound stop in frisco is at the summit stage hub, meaning once you get off the greyhound in frisco you will walk just a few steps to catch a bus that will take you to Copper Mountain.

I have ridden the free Summit Stage transportation for 4 days before and it works fine.


I dont know if there is a greyhound stop at the airport in Denver. You could give them a call and see if they pick up there, if not maybe you can take a cab. Denver airport is about 20 miles outside of the city so that maybe pricey.

I have never ridden the greyhound before but I sure considered it instead of paying cme.
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You can take the RTD from DIA to Union Station where you can catch the Greyhound. See www.rtd-denver.com to figure out the schedule. RTD is a pretty nice bus system actually.
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