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Ski shop for bindings mount for PE & mount position.

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I live in Staten Island NY and I just bought a pair of K2 PE's in 179 (based on everyones reviews here...thanks!!!)and am going to have the rossi axial 120, Look px 12, ti or jib bindings mounted on them. Can anyone recommend a shop that is competent and has decent deals on bindings right now. I figured that with a mounting fee it would probably wind up costing me the same as if I bought off the internet, so I'd rather develop a relationship with a shop.
I also am confused with the mounting position....my boot size is 26 or 305mm and when lining up the boot with K2's mounting position it seems as if +1.5 would put my BOF @ mid ski. After reading everything on The Bear about mounting positions I'm even more confused. My Axis X in 174 are mounted with 912 ti poweraxe with mid boot on the mounting pos. mark on the ski. I'm a level 6 maybe 7 skier.....I'm 6'0 weigh 195 and plan on using the skis for bumps, trees (after I improve on bumps) and light eastern powder.....keep in mind that I've never really skied powder(that'll change if I'm lucky) I normally shy away from groomers choosing to ski ungroomed trails instead. When I do ski a groomer it's always on the side where the fluff is. I really don't plan on using these in the park, but might be tempted now and then. I normally ski about 15 days a year but will try to get to 30 this year.
I know this has been talked about before but it seems everybody has a different opinion and most have a bigger boot size than me....I thought that might make a difference.
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I am at +2.5 on my PEs with a 325mm sole, which gives me a BOF mount. I like that mount position and the skis still do fine in powder. I'm 6'1" 190lb.
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I mounted mine +2.5, 324mm bsl...I'm 205lbs, 5'10" and they absolutely kill it on everything.
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My boots are roughly the same size as yours(302mm), and I have my PE's at +3. I'm 5'6 130 and I take them everywhere, even the park.
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I've been thinking about mounting them a little forward as well. Ultimately I'm going to ask the guys at the shop and see what they recommend for my planned use of these skis. Do you guys have any negative comments about having the bindings mounted that far forward? I'm looking for a shop with a good reputation so that hopefullythey will give me some good advise as well.

Thanks all............
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Well, too far forward would be undesirable for free-ride / powder, since the tips would have too much pressure. The PEs are less susceptible to this than other skis, because of the longish tip shape, but it's still something to be aware of. When we go to a "plus" mount to get a ball-of-foot (BOF) match, it generally is focused on all-mountain performance.

Some very rough guidance, based on my detailed measurements of the PE, would be to determine the mount point from this equation:

Delta = 0.05*(325-L) + 2.5

Where L is the boot sole length in mm and Delta is the distance of the "plus" mount in cm. So for 305mm boots, it suggests +3.5cm. The reason we can attempt to make a canned formula is because boot sole length tends to scale with foot size pretty well, and other factors drop out (ie, all of our boots have the same standard toe/heel geometry where the boots interface in the bindings). That said, I would put a +/- 0.5 cm margin on the formula just because boot shell sizes jump in whole steps -- for instance, 28.0 and 28.5 share the same shell and sole length, even though the skier's foot size is likely different.

The absolute most certain way to mount is to determine where in *your* ski boot *your* ball of foot lies. Then determine where the ski's sidecut center is (by finding the forward and real contact points and go halfway in between). Line up the boot BOF with the ski sidecut center and you'll have a good mount point for all-mountain use. In my case, that puts my boot midsole at +2.5cm from the ski's midsole mark. For reference, my BOF is about 6.5cm ahead of my boot midsole mark.
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I did a rough measurement with my boot the other night putting the middle of my BOF on the skis midsole mount. That left the boots midsole mark on +1.5. Since K2 says that 0-+2 is okay for all mt use I'm probly going to keep it somewhere around there. But ultimately I'm going to see what the ski shop recommends as well. I remember before I bought my Axis X I was demoeing some Bandit x's that were mounted pretty forward and I did not like the feel at all. Maybe it was the forward binding mount, maybe it was the ski, but I loved the Axis x right from the get go and they're mounted boot midsole to ski midsole.
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Keep in mind that the ski midsole mark is somewhat arbitrary (certainly varies from brand to brand and skis within a brand), so don't give the Axis X credit just because marks on the boots and skis lined up. The X was a very fun, forgiving ski that was meant to appeal to a wide range of skiers. You likely could have also dialed in that ski with a more precise boot mount. The PE is much different because of the twin tip geometry, and the fact that the front tip is so long. In addition, it can cover a wide envelope, from being a psuedo pow-ski with a rear mount, to being all mountain with a small + mount, to being a dedicated park ski with a true center mount (large +). I think the PE deserves a little extra thinking when it comes to the mount location. I'd be interested to hear what the shop thinks -- hopefully they are familiar with the PE.
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I mounted mine boot center. I ski pretty much everything except rails, and boxes. Not that I couldn't but I prefer to preserve the bases.

Another method to consider is to find the balance point of the ski and use that as your center mount. I put a 6p nail in a vice and see where the ski balances. You can use this as your center. Mount further forward to spin easier. Further back makes the ski feel a little longer, more all mountainish.
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I'd be interested to hear what the shop thinks -- hopefully they are familiar with the PE.

Me too, went to 3 shops today seems not many are even stocking flat bindings. Pickings were extremely slim. They're all set up for IBC. Wanted to find a shop that has at least a few bindings.....it seems Markers are popular where I went....probably because of IBC with K2 and Volkl.
I may have to wait until I go ski again to find a decent shop where I can be confident in their abilities to set me up right. Today I just didn't feel that.
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Had the Pe's mounted +1 with Solly 912's. Really loved em on crud... like there wasn't anything there. As good on bumps as my ability would allow and really ripped the groomers. All in all probly the best i 've ever skied on my third day on these. However: the tips felt a little short, and the tails a little long, tails hung up on each other every now and again. In powder.....dive, dive.....the tip just didn't want to stay up. It was then that i wished I had them mounted at 0. Since they are flat mounted would the shop have to remount them to have them at 0. Should I bother? I was really hoping to ski everything with this ski.
BTW I'm 6'0 and 190 lbs.
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I rented a pair of 179 PEs this afternoon, no powder to speak of, but I think that the stiffness of the ski could also be a contributing factor to the tip dive issue...while some reviewers on this site liked the PE for powder, others gave it mixed reviews for the deeper stuff...

Not certain about the 912s, but I think you would have to remount to move it back unless the front of the binding is adjustable (I don't think it is)...
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