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Stockli Skis???

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Alright, so I want to buy a set of Stockli Laser Cross Pros but I CANNOT find a dealer within' a 2 hour drive that carries them!!!! I live in Boston MA, and could really use some help.

Also, I am not sure what size to get, I weigh about 160 (prob. closer to 180 in the future , and am 6'1'' to 6'2''...I'm not sure between the 169 or 177... 169 is a bit to short, 177 is a bit long, I'm not sure which is better...

Thanks so much!!!
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I'd look at the 177cm for you. It's an 'all-mountain GS-inspired' ski, ski it in a similar (slightly shorter) length to a GS ski.

Send me a PM if you want a price on a pair.
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Check out New Canaan Ski and Sport. They have 2 locations, New Canaan, CT and Ridgefield, CT. If you end up in Ridgefield make sure you talk to Gio. Tell him Greg sent you.
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Stockli Laser Cross Pros

I would go with the 177's. Send me a PM and we can discuss pricing. You can also to to www.stocklipro.com
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Stockli makes bikes????
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Stockli makes bikes????
Damn they look nice. My Kona may be heading out the door. :
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Phil, hit your Google or search engine ... Stoeckli ... mit zee "e" will get you to the CH Swiss Stockli site.

There is also a Stockli Company that makes great pots & pans too but it's probably a distant cousin.

My understanding is that Stockli limits what it sends over here because as a small company they won't fork out the bucks for all of the comsumer testing in order to get past import regulations.
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Ken Jones in Manchester (NH) has a few from what I saw 2 weeks ago. I think that they have a place in Nashua as well (NH).
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I bought mine from Ski Sharp in Waitsfield Vermont.
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