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Adirondack Weather-Gore??

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Was wondering if Gore got any rain or are the conditions icy?? Saw a trip report for Thursday. Have the temps been low enough at the summit or mid-mountain for snowmaking? Here in WNY it has been warm, high 30's to mid 40's with rain. Should have skiied in Dec but the had limited terrain open.
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It snowed about 3" between noon and 3PM Thursday. No rain. They were blowing snow on one trail: a double diamond off the top, Upper Darby, I think. I don't know if there was rain afterwards. We had mixed percip. on the way back to Saratoga after skiing.
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Thanks for the info, plan on going new years day from Rottenchester. Anybody from epic going to be there, plan on getting there a little late due to alcohol fumes!!
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Holiday Valley has all but one lift turning. It has been very good here.
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