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Aspen - Winter 07/08

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Hi Guys,

I'm in Aspen for the whole season and for me, skiing is only half the fun when you're alone. So I'm lookin for people to hook up with!

And since I'm from Austria, I have heard the term Champagne Powder for the first time and I am curious to find out more bout this myth
But growin up in the mountains i am aware that goin terrain alone is not very wise - especially if you don't know the area..

So if anybody is out there in aspen - just pm me!

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Welcome to EpicSki, Max!

I'll look forward to meeting you while we're in Snowmass for the ESA event 20-24 January!
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Dude, just show up at 1a for first chair any day this week and I will introduce you to to the crew.
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