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Advice on K2 women skis

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Hello from Sweden =) I'm helping my girlfriend upgrading her skis and I'm looking for some advice.

She's in her early twenties, a beginner/intermediate skier, 126lbs, 5'9". Mainly skiing groomers but wants to venture outside now and then or hit the occasional bump. Developing quickly from my perspective and looking for a ski that won't hold her back.

Last year we bought the K2 true luv (05/06) for her, in 160cm. She found it unstable at higher speeds and now I found some deals on other, and better, skis in the K2 women range. We've already sold the true luvs again for $350.

05/06 Burning Luv (160,167cm) - $440

05/06 One Luv (167) - $220

06/07 One Luv (167) - $370

05/06 Lotta Luv (167) - $220

I'm basically wondering if 167cm would be too long for her. Personally I think it would be okay, but after reading on various forums most females with similar height/weight seems to go for shorter skis.

Also wondering how much stiffer these skis are compared to the True Luvs.

The Lotta Luv looks interesting with it's wider waist at 78mm, but I'm not sure how much that would sacriface on the icegrip compared to the others. Perhaps it would be too stiff as well.

Any thoughts?
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What conditions will she normally ski? The Lotta is designed for soft snow and off piste conditions, the Burnin' for hardpack and groomed snow, and the One Luv is a nice ski for most conditions that intermediate skiers would venture into. I think a 167 would be fine if she found the shorter ski unstable at her preferred speeds.
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Hardpack/groomed most of the time (75%). But she wants to follow me into the off piste now and then.

The Lotta luv looks pretty similar to the One Luv on paper, apart from the slightly wider waist. It also has metal laminate like the Burning luv so I assume it's as stiff or stiffer than the One luv?
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The One Luv is a nice ski for advanced-intermediate skiers who are not going to push its envelope. I know many skiers who love the versatility and reliability of this ski. The Burnin' Luv and the Lotta Luv are designed for advanced-expert skiers who are looking for performance and specificity--as I said, the Burnin' is for hardpack skiing, the narrow waist situating the edge under the foot for ease of edging, and the Lotta is for soft snow where a skier wants a bit wider platform with a similar sidecut. The Burnin and the Lotta are part of a quiver of advanced-expert women's skis from K2's T9 Series: the Tough Luv and the Phat Luv round out the quartet. They differ in the waist, with each model progressively and proportionately wider according to the amount of snow they're designed to ski.

If you can only justify one pair, the 75% she'll be skiing hardpack suggests that the Burnin' Luv would be her best choice of the two.
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I own the Burning love and find it to stable at an intermediate speed level and it turns like a dream in bumps! I would recomend her DEMOING anything before she buys it! 
<3 Red
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