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Which boots and what further measurements??

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Hi, I live in New Zealand and after looking at the prices of ski gear in the US, I've seen it can be MUCH cheaper than here, especially when on sale. After not having skied for a LONG time, and snowboarding instead to an advanced standard, I'm keen to give skiing another crack.

I had a play on skis last season and really enjoyed it so I now want to get my own set up. I've got the skis and bindings, now I'm looking for boots. I understand that seeing a boot fitter is the best thing to do, but given the price some boots are going for online compared to local stores (up to 2/3rds less), and the fact I'm trying to get my set up with as little damage to my wallet as possible, I am thinking of going the online option. I have measured my foot and put the measurements below in the hope that someone could advise some boots to look for. I can then always your suggestions on in a local store (if they have them being summer time here now), but I really don't want to waste the fitters time too much so I'm thinking if I have an idea of what boots may suit, I'll try and track them down to try on and hopefully they will fit, and I want have to waste the boot fitters time fitting me with boots I likely won't buy from them.

OK, my measurements are...male, 5'11", 193lbs, beginner/intermediate (looking to advance fairly quickly), footprint is 28cm long, 10.5 cm wide at widest, 7.5cm at heal. After being fitted with running shoes, I have been told I have a neutral foot, with a standard arch height (didn't need shoes with any special support). I have size US10 snowboard boots if that helps. My ankle above the bone is 24.5cm, around the bone is 27.5cm, and my calf at the widest point is 41cm.

I have seen some Lange Fluid 80 boots for a good price. Would these be an option for me?

Thanks for any help, and if it really is impossible to give options without seeing my feet that's fine. Also if you need any further measurements let me know what you need.

Thanks in advance.
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I'v just been and tried the Nordica GTS 8 ad the Lange Fluid 90. The GTS fitted well but felt a little boxy, while the Fluid felt more padded, but also a little narrow and I got a burning feling under my foot after about 5min indicating they were too small.

Are there any other boots similar to the GTS I could check out?

Would it be possible to make the Fluids a little wider, or should I just leave Lange alone as I understand they don't fit a lot of peoples feet?
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