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Carrabasset Valley Academy (Sugarloaf)?

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My 15-year-old nephew is applying for next year - 10th grade. He's into freestyle, and it seems that they're the only ski/prep school that has a formal freestyle program. Any feedback?
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I went to college nearby and spent a lot of time at Sugarlof -- the kids from Carrabasset Valley were absolutely amazing skiers, ripping and carving on bullet proof ice like it was freshly groomed powder. Don't know much about the academics, but very impressive skiers.
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Burke Mountain Academy in VT also has an excellent ski program. The campus of the school is right on the mountain. They have turned out several olympic caliber skiers. I have heard that their academic program is also top notch.
I am not sure if they have a freestyle program, but it may be worth looking into.

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As far as I know, Burke Mountain Academy does not have a freestyle program. Damn good alpine racing program and cool mountain though.
Try checking out Stratton Mountain School-big snowboarding mountain, so maybe they have freestyle ski programs too.
As for CVA, Sugarloaf is an awesome mountain! Really isolated though, but I'm sure your nephew won't notice as he'll be having a blast training on the slopes. Bode Miller went there too.....
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You may want to try going through USSA Eastern Freestyle. Try http://www.eastfree.org/index.html to get some contact numbers.
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I had a friend who was a Freestyle coach at CVA. They have a great program, that has been in place for a while. I'm not so sure about other schools, they typically tend to be race oriented. I would check out Burke, maybe GMVS. The loaf is a great mountain. A bit isolated but the terrain is outstanding for freestyle (steep and long)
Good Luck
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If you want to stay around that general area in Maine you might want to look at Gould Academy at Sundayriver. They have a good freestyle program. I was up there 2 or 3 weeks ago. Man could those guys rip!
If you don't mind traveling you might want to try National Sports Academy in Lake Placid. I know they have a variety of programs to choose from.

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Thanks everyone. My brother's checked it out pretty carefully. He'd much prefer Vermont as they have a house near Bromley. He told me that Burke Academy, Stratton Mountain School and Vermont Academy in Saxton's River (excellent school and my brother is an alumnus) all DON'T have Freestyle skiing programs. CVA is annoyingly far away, but it's the only one he's identified that DOES have a formal freestyle program (and they're starting a baseball team next year too - the kid's a good catcher, just like his uncle ... once was). I don't think he mentioned Gould Academy at Sunday River though. I'll bring it to his attention. Thanks again guys!

Edit: I emailed this thread to my brother and received the following correction: "He's into freeride, not freestyle. Freestyle is moguls, freeride is terrain park air. Two different disciplines. Don't feel bad , he did it to me, too!" Well! Shows you what I (don't) know! Anyway, it could make a difference in terms of what programs are available at what schools.

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What about Killington Mountain School? They have a top-flight freestyle program. Alumni include world class mogul skiers like Donna Weinbrecht, Hannah Hardaway, and Evan Dybvig.

Their web site is the obvious:

It's not a year-round prep school and students attend their home school for Sept/Oct.
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Thanks, Geoff - will relay info.
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The kid got in (to CVA), and he's going! Guess I'll have to spend some time visiting 'my favorite nephew' next winter!
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