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I tried to schedule a lesson with either Bode Klammer or Ron White at Windham today, but niether were availible. My next time to ski will be the weekend of the 10-12th of January at Bromley. I would like to take a lesson and fix my issues/problems. There are no Instructors listed on the Bear list, but perhaps someone could point me to the right person.

Problem #1 - I am back on my heals. Partly due to too much forward cant built into my footbeds causing me to compensate by leaning back. This has been corrected. Part due to an increased delta angle from my old equipment - this I need time on the new stuff to "acclimate." This is leading to increadible thigh burn by late morning.

Problem #2 - New skis and better boots with custom footbeds are allowing me to ski trails I could not accomplish before. The rub is they just ski ALOT faster than I did before and it is a bit intimidating. The edge grip/hold is phenominal on the steep/icy stuff, I am not worried about a ski sliding out, I am just not used to how quickly these skis get up to speed.

Problem #3 - My turns are very sloppy - more so now with the new equipment. I think it is due to my lack of comfort with the new speed issue and my lack of confidence when approaching icy patches, and snow clumps and ruts. I feel that I am skidding my turns too much and on real steep stuff I know I am side slidding more than turning. I also noticed my feet are too far appart (wide stance) on the turns - I don't know why. I also am not fluid (dynmaic), meaning I am making one turn and linking the next, but they do not flow. I scaled back to lesser terrain and this helps, but I think I am just being sloppy with the new equipment and need to get a lesson or two to get me back into correct position and technique.