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``ski shops in whistler

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Hello Chaps,

Off to Whistler in a few weeks for three months with a couple of others. We will be looking to buy probably three to six pairs of skis between us and also get our boots refitted.

Can anyone recommend any good shops over there ?

Also I presume we should be getting a discount on multiple pairs of skis, anyone have any experience of what we should expect in terms of being able to negotiate a discount in Canada ?

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Where do you live? Why not buy the gear there?
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Live in the UK, skis more expensive there than Canada or US and wanted to Demo. Anyway got some PE's from Summit Ski, good price, good service.....
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whistler village sports

great service, good pricing!! recently had a problem with a ski I bought there last year warranty almost up! they replaced the ski with this years model and said they would deal with manufacturer. ask for manger Jed or owner Dave they will treat you right
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Can-Ski and the Glacier shop are good ones as well, same owners (whistler). they used to have a try before you buy program not sure if they still do. The other thought is to go to Can-Ski creekside and see if John Colpitts is still there, great character and one of the best bootfitters around
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I believe Can-Ski run the demo centres on the mountains (weird plasticy igloo looking things). Have a look around, I ended up using ExCess who are at the base of Blackcomb. Had good service with them and picked up a very good pair of skis after a few demoes. Also worth finding out who you can use the discount cards with (Intrawest shops, inc Can-Ski and others) - save 10% on retail (pick one up from a hotel concierge or instructor - doesn't matter if you know them, they'll want to give you one...)
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See Byron at the Sportloft. He's the man.
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