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New Skier. What Boots to get?

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Hi, I am a new skier. I am 19, I have only been skiing 2 times in my life and 2 times snowboarding. I am 5' 6" and my shoe size is 12US. I just got back from snowboarding yesterday. I should have gone skiing, but the boots for rent did not fit me, I have really big calves (18 inches in diameter). So I am looking to just get my own.

I've been reading and saw that the Nordica Beast, Tecnica Diablo, and Salomon are goos for wide feet/calves.

When I sent to rent Skis, I tried on ski boots for 15US and they still did not fit, so I had to go with snowboarding. But I want to ski, so I want to get my own.

What should I get?

And a non-boot related question. How does a big calf relate to the position of the bindings on the skis. Thanks

I am still doing my research, so I'm in no rush yet.

Thanks. :
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find a good boot fitter in your area, or where you are going skiing next. Let them find you a good boot for your leg shape
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Well I did no go to an actual boot fitter. But I did go to REI, Sport Chalet, Chick's Sporting Goods.

I tried on the:
-Nordica Beast X10
-Tecnica 2.5 UltraFit
-Salomon Impact (I forget which one)

None of them fit my claf. It was cutting off the circulation, there was pain from the middle of my calf to middle of my ankle (the back side).

I am a size 28. My feet are EE in width.

The guy who worked at the store recommends the following:

-Tecnica Vento 8
-Nordica Gransport Dual 10
-Nordica GTS 8
-Nordica Gransport Easy 8
-Salomon Elios 7
-Rossignol Sprayer Ski Boots (Flex Index 50/40, Width 104mm)

I'll look for more ski shops to go to tomorrow.

What is Flex Index, and what is an ideal for Recreational. I was told I should get a Flex Index of 70-80. And Footbed of 102mm.

Any recommendations?

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After try on more boots today, I've narrow it down to 3 boots:

- HEAD EDGE+ 8 ($199.99) (Last: 104 | Flex Index: 70)
- Nordica Gransport Easy 8 ($249.99) (Last: 104 | Flex Index: 45)
- Salomon Elios 7 ($309.99) (Last: 106)
- I have not tried the Salomon Proforma 7, how do they compare to the others

They are size 28.

What do you guys think? Which one should I get?

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performa = 104mm last.

size 28 with a 12 foot is about right.

if they all feel the same get the cheapest one. but a flex of 45 seems a bit soft.
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rtrt2889, welcome to EpicSki!

Where are you located? With your challenging fit, I would strongly recommend a true specialist rather than a big-box store for your boots. (Actually, I recommend it for everyone, but especially when there are some unusual characteristics of the skier).

Given your foot and calf size, I might assume some things about your body morphology, but it would be better to know for sure. How strong are you? How much skiing do you intend to do in the next few years? How athletic are you?
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Hey thanks! I live in Southern California. I have heard of a very good boot fitter in Studio City. His name is Claude Swonger. I have been at my locate store because SkiNet Sport is pretty far from me now. I will go in the near future.

As for me, I've ski/snowboard for the last 4 years. I only do it a few times a year. I do 10-20 runs a day when I go. As for the next few years, I'm not sure since I am a student. But I will do more skiing as I get older.

I don't want to rush getting my boots. I want to find the prefect pair. Plus I have a limited budget, so it might be a little hard.

I don't know if I should wait until I have a chance to a boot fitter, or get a pair now. Since I do not know when I'll get a chance to go.


Btw: I've always rented my ski/snowboard gear. And it wasn't a good idea. Since I have unique legs. So that is why I want to get my own pair, and to feel comfortable while I ski.
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