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Going to Playground

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I went to see the Warren Miller Movie in Traverse City nearly a month ago.
An opportunity to go see it tonight came up and my first reaction was SURE!!

Then I wondered why I would go see it again.........and it came to me...........
the bennies! They have some awesome give aways at these movies. I'm not so sure of the Stoke Factor of the movie, but who wouldn't go, for the bennies!?

Why do you go to a WM movie?
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I don't go to Warren Miller movies. I would rather ski than watch skiing.
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Here in Northern Kalifornia the Heavenly mid week lift ticket is a deal maker. Using mine this Wed. It's snowing!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeee:
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I get excited about it because it kinda marks the beginning of the ski season, but when it's finally the day of the show it's more about the freebies.

I'm not thrilled about the flicks anymore though I don't hate them like many others seem to. But this year by the time intermission rolled around I was thinking that I had already snagged the free t-shirts, stickers and discount passes..... and there was a Pistons game on TV. It was time for me to fly
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Down here in Tucson, Arizona, the Warren Miller Movie is usually the first sign that Winter is coming. It gets us stoked about the coming season, and since we very rarely ever get snow in Tucson, we can only imagine what it must be like to live in some of those places. The closest place we can ski is a good four hours away. Then we plan our trips for the season.
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Originally Posted by Knute View Post
I don't go to Warren Miller movies. I would rather ski than watch skiing.

wow, u must be a super cool person that didnt get any free passes. can i get ur autograph cus u must be pro.
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Bumpfreaq, I was kinda thinking the same thing.

The movie was okay, but I'd rather ski than watch skiing. But then I love the free passes, and other give aways. Gotta love free skiing - n - Stuff!
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I like Warren Miller movies a lot. I haven't seen the most recent ones but the ones from 1995-2003....saw most of them, they were awesome, why is there so much dislike for him....obviously its better to ski then to watch skiing, thats the most obvious and subsequently dumb comment...I'd love to ski all the time, but I can't so I watch the best of the best do really cool things on the mountain, you don't just learn from doing, you learn from watching and listening...I'd rather play football then watch it too, but I don't stop watching the NFL....c'mon...warren miller...rock on....plus who doesn't love free stuff~!!!!
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I stopped going when Warren stopped showing them himself. I guess my 5 minutes of fame will include having been to the very last one he presented in person.
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I went and saw the movie. I was disappointed. Thought it was one of the worst ones i have seen yet.

Seamed to me that very little of his talent from years past were skiing in it.
The beennies? Most of the ran out right away after i printed them. The deal at Joes expired within a week of the movie ( i didnt realize this and thus it was wasted), and the free lift tickets all are for specific days early and late in the season.

I won't waste my time seeing these movies anymore.
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