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100% Floro Powder Application

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Hey gang: I got a jar of Cera F (FC 8) powder for X-Mas, but have no experience putting it down on skis. Can someone walk me through the application process?

1) Do I need a respirator if I'm just corking it in? Or should I really be using an iron? Do I need a respirator if I'm ironing? (I have an exhaust fan right above my tuning bench.)
2) Should I have a base wax of High Floro, Low Floro, or CH underneith the powder?
3) How long does a coat last? Will it even last the length of the run?

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!
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From Maplus Powder Wax Application Procedures (with helpful images) which I assume would be similar & typical to your powder.

Perfluorinated wax to be applied on top of fluorinated paraffin products for racing use in presence of medium-very high humidity (50 - 100%)



1. Spread the powder wax evenly over the ski or snowboard base;
2. Melt the wax by passing the iron over it once or twice. Iron temperature: 130°-160° C. depending on the type of product being used (perfluorinated wax P4 must be rolled using a cork roller fitted on a drill and turning at between 1000 and 2000 rpm to suit the pressure applied):
3. Wait at least 10 minutes for the ski or snowboard wax to harden;
4. Remove any excess wax using a Plexiglas scraper;
5. Free the ski or snowboard base structure with a stiff manual or rotating horsehair or nylon brush;
6. Polish the ski or snowboard base structure with a soft manual or rotating horsehair or nylon brush.
Repeat the above steps for each application.

I'd be concerned about breathing the stuff and definitely avoid high temps and flames. You'll want to use different brushes with high fluoro & perfluroniated products than you use for your other waxes.

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