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Trip Report - Grand Targhee March 10-13

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I just got back from Grand Targhee yesterday and I think I have found heaven. I went up Sunday and skied Monday through Thursday. For anyone who saw my pre-trip post, I went with my girlfriend whom I thought had been skiing several times many years ago but as it turned out it was several days (5 total) many years ago (10 years). To make a long story short, she crawled down the hill from the lodge to the lift the first morning leaving me thinking that it could be a long week for her. We get to the top of the lift and I stop to put my pole straps on. I look for her and she is already 100 yards down the hill linking S's down the hill. We both took some lessons that afternoon.

Not much in the way of snow after the big storm the previous week. Monday was very soft packed snow with maybe half an inch of sugar on top. Tuesday was more packed snow though not as soft as Monday. Wednesday morning was very firm in the morning and turning softer as the day wore on. Thursday was very spring like. Hard and rough in the morning and turning to mashed potatoes, in some places deep, in the afternoon with the shady areas staying icy. The thermometer read in the mid fifties by afternoon. Thursday was the only sunny day, the others were cloudy and quite foggy on the upper half of the mountain.

I can't get over how open the place was. It was fun to just pick your way down the mountain going wherever looked fun. Also made it very good for skiing with the girlfriend. She loved going down Chief Joseph Bowl, a nice, open intermediate area. She had a wide, groomed path down the middle where she could have fun and I could pick a different line down every time to keep it interesting. I would let her take the cat track from the top of the lift to the groomed section and I had an infinite number of ways to come down from various places on the cat track with no danger of losing track of each other. There was a good way down for her from everywhere in fact.

I also got to do some exploring. My favorite area was the south side of Fred's Mountain. I had noticed an area where the snow still looked rather fresh though it had been several days since the last snow. After going down a wide run for a short distance I traversed over to this area with an interesting mix of trees. It was moderately pitched with all these little narrow lanes through the trees, some widely spaced trees, and some tighter trees for those better than me. The snow looked like it had been wind packed for the most part with a few areas that looked like a few skiers had packed it and some tracked snow. It supported a skier but a pole would go a few feet down. What fun! I also liked the wide treeless bowl on the south side of Peaked Mountain. And the gully underneath the main lift.

No lift lines and no crowds and deeeeep snow base. And the view of the Tetons from the top, the one day they could be seen, is unbelieveable. I think someone looking for extreme skiing without a lot of hiking would be bored in a hurry and someone looking for a lot a groomers would be disappointed. (The beginner area, however, was very nice, and importantly fairly segregated, though small.) But for an intermediate to advanced intermediate who likes a nice mix of terrain it was just what the doctor ordered.


Thanks for letting me ramble. I hope someone finds this interesting. I took a bunch of pictures and if anyone wants to see them I'll try and post some later.
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Show us the pics!!! There is nothing better then pics from a Bear's trip. Sounds like you both had a great time. Just goes to show you that everyone can have fun at most any resort in North America.
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I found it interesting and informative.


I'd love to see some pics...
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Grand Foggy is a great area. If you think you had fun then, imagine that area with FEET of powder, it's pure bliss!

Hopefully you can get back there again when it's dumping the freshies b/c GT can be absolutely sick. The snowmobiling on Togedee Pass is also a great thing to do for a day off the slopes in the middle of the week. It's absolutely pristine up there, nothing around you but bear, elk, moose, sheep and stunning views for hundreds of miles.
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