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Nordica W71 exoplate?

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I am an most lickley an expert skier? I can ski the deep powder competeted in the bumps and generaly can ski with anyone. I mostley still use my rossi 7sk,s for bumps {oldschool} and I love my Head wordcups for all rounders and fast cruising. I just got an old new pair of Nordica W71 with the exoplate? They are a little softer just juging by flexing them by hand. They have never been mounted and was wondering if its even worth my while finding some bindings for them? Im so cheap!! I am using the new Solomon x10 boots and think that they may be fun to ski with. Has any one ever tryed them. They are rated as an intermediate ski. Im 6ft 215lbs Im thinking they may not even be worth the 150 bucks to put some 12din bindings on what does anyone else think. They were reg 400 bucks and they gave them to me for 40 just to get rid of the old stock. They are 185/ 107 71 94. Dimentionaly they seem to be an OK cut for slolom skiing? HELP before I wast some money. James
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Any input would help.:
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I bought a pair too last year to test.
Sure..the dimensions seem ok.
I am 5 10 215. At our weight they are just not enough ski for intermediate or above. Obviouslly not good for hard snow to ice.
I mounted Salomon's on that plate. Well..I mount Salomon's on practically anything anyway no matter what plate or what is supposed to go on.. If you don't have a jig I wouldn't try it with these. You might be able to do this by using just one of the holes and doing a one screw mount. Then somehow preventing the binding from moving while you drilled extremely carefully a very,very shallow hole the same size as the hole in the binding. Once you got deep enough for a good centre..you could then go back to the standard binding screw drill bit and finish the hole. I dunno. I think that the bit would grab and twist the binding. I have done this kindda stuff before..I dunno..I wouldn't want to try it here.While the holes in the plate are for Nordicas and appear very close to Salomon's..they won't work. Yes..the holes are partially started..and needless to say..you can't start there. The drill bit ends up having the centre close to the edge ot the Nordica hole. The good news is that unlike some plates..if it it is basically a blank underneath with lots of room to drill. I can't imagine any good shop drilling it for you. Unless. This is one of those things where you know exactlly what you are talking about..take it to a very good shop/tech..of course no bill/receipt..a few bucks..on with jig in with the holes..thanks..bye. iirc I think I diddled around and did use I think 1 or 2 of the front/rear holes in the plate and had the boot centre maybe off by 5/6 mil. Maybe off centre too by 1 or 2 mil or something. Anyway..it was very,very close and worked well.Came out well.
The fellow I sold the skis to was very happy with the skis! and to get some newer Salomons on them. I explained to him what I did and that at that mount..lol..no Nordicas are ever gonna go on. Unfortunately I only skiied mine one run..the snow was firm..to hard. Nowhere near enough ski for me.
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Good to see ya back, ATS.
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Thanks thats what I figured! im friends with the tech at a local ski shop and no problem getting the solomons to work but like you said there better off with some one who can use them. I know a guy just starting out think ill just let him use them so he doesnt have to rent at least even though rentals are probably better. i dont know why I do stupid things like that!! I sould have saved the few bucks and put it towards new gloves or anything else!!: Thanks again ill keep the bindings off for now and see if this guy wants em for 30 bucks or something.
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