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salomon crossmax 10 pilot

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I have the chance to get a really good deal on a pair of the Salomon Crossmax 10 pilot. I am currently on the Salomon X-Scream Series. Any thoughts on this ski? I do not know anyone who has skied it.
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I'm gearing up to write a review of the CrossMax 10 Pilot, but I'll offer a few comments up front.

I'm a CSIA Level III / CSCF Level I, and have been coaching my little racers all winter while wearing these boards.

The ski is much softer than the Volkl race skis I had been familiar with, but stability at speed isn't a problem. They hold an edge well in the typical eastern blue ice conditions. If you push them hard, they're snappy and will push back.

I notice dchan's little signature that labels this his "Superman Skis", and I can't but agree. Great boards, effectively implement ski / binding system (via Pilot), and bright, shiny graphics. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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see my review in the consumer reveiw section. They may not be the "best race ski" "best off piste/crud" "best all groomer" or "best bumps" ski but they are fantastic skis and I have found that they do it all very well. They are more technical and less forgiving than the x scream series (I skied the X scream series for 3 years almost exclusivly except for demo times) and when I got on these, I felt like I could do anything with these and took them everywhere. Steeps, trees, crud, bumps, groomers, ice, hardpack, powder. hence my "superman skis"

How did I do? beats me. I can't see myself ski. It felt good.
Lucky? Gerathlete1? what did it look like?

Get this, 2 weeks in Whistler, 2 hours of video tape shot and only a still of me and our instructor and about a 2 second vid of us setting up to take the still. No video of me skiing.

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Based on dchan's experience, I demo'ed these skis in the 170 length and then rushed back and bought them. They hold very well, are fast and arc really well with the help of the pilot system. I've since had the chance to ski them in fresh powder and through large drifts of snow, all with no problem. I have the Equipe 10 3V and I like the new ones better, but I was looking for something with a wider waist.
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I'll be trying out the 190cm this weekend and will write it up next week.
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Both my dad and myself had the same experience. We both came home from Whistler with them. 170's
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The Crossmax 10s have a distinct feel that many (but not all) people like. I'm one of those in the "not all" category. I prefer a ski with more rebound energy and snap out of the turns. The skis did whatever I asked of them when I demoed, but didn't have that lively feel I enjoy. Just my personal taste. These skis provide more subtle feedback.
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G.Law -

While I understand that skiing is a very touchy feely sport, and I respect your comment of these skis not being for everybody, I have to disagree with your calling the skis "subtle". These boards have knocked me on my butt on a couple occasions because the rebound was more than I expected. Putting these things on edge and loading them up stores a lot of power that you'll need to control / redirect when it lets go.

Others -

I have noticed a lot of people ski this boards long. I'm 5'10" and 180lbs, and I have 160s. I could probably have gotten away with 170s, but I certainly wouldn't want anything any longer. What reason would you have for wanting this thing in a 190?

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Canuck, interesting comments. I've heard impressions similar to yours, yet others describe them much like I did. Maybe ski length is a factor. The guy in the Salomon tent suggested 180's when I tried them, and I'm 150-155 lbs. Perhaps it's related to the skier's technique - precision in purposely loading up the ski. Anyway, glad to hear it's a fun ride and good fit for those who have them. Just wanted to point out that the opinions vary, and I'd recommend demoing before buying.
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I went from X-Scream Series in 187 to Crossmax 10s in 185 (due to a blown out edge on the X Screams-*@#% rocks!)I got them thru an employee discount program, so sizes were limited-I would have gotten 180s if available. I violated my #1 rule and bought them without skiing them 1st. I've had them for about a month and a half and frankly like them more each time I ski on them. They have less pop in the tails than the X Screams, but are very quick edge to edge and seem to have a higher speed limit than the Screams. They are very stable through piles of snow and slop-we have a warm day yesterday on top of 4 inches of new snow and I watched many people struggle in it as I ripped down the mountain with a smug expression on my face. They are better in bumps than the X Screams-that's about the only area where I wish they were shorter. I'd like to try some 170s just to se if they have the high speed big turn stability as the 185s. BTW, I'm 5'10" and 185-190 lbs.
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I am 6' 175 lbs and 49 yrs old. I am an advanced skier, but would not clasify myself as a true expert.I try to get in 15 days a year, but I will not be able to reach that this season. I ski almost always in the East, but will take a week out West on occasion and have made one trip to Europe and hope to go back.

I always skied around a 200cm on my old straight skis. My last pair of straights was a Rosi 4S. I went down to a 197 with my K2 Fours, and to a 187 with my X-Scream Series. I liked the feel of the 187 Series much more than the 179 Series when I demoed them.

I see that Dchan and several others are skiing the Crossmax 10 at a considerably shorter length. I was planning on getting a 186 or possibly a 180. I don't think that I would be comfortable on anything shorter.

Is there any reason that the Crossmax 10 Pilot should be skied shorter than the Series? I will probably not get a chance to demo them before ordering.

Thanks for your help!

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Today in spring skiing conditions, I demoed the Salomon Crossmax Pilot 10 in 170 and 160. I weigh 145 pounds and stand 5'8" tall. I consider myself a truly mediocre skier, and that's on a good day. I also demoed two other pairs of skis: Salomon Scream Pilot 10 in 170 and Dynastar Intuitiv 71 [new for next season] in 167, and just for a benchmark, I skied my own K2 Mod 7/8 in 167 [now called the Axis, no X]. Here are the results, in order of testing:

Scream Pilot 10 in 170: What can I say? I expected a lot, I got ho hum. Can't even be specific, but it was less than enthralling in short turns, and . . . well, just left a so-so impression. I thought it was me [I should in fairness try them again], and I moved along to the next item:

Crossmax Pilot 10 in 170: LOVED it! Immediately, no break-in time required. Easy turner, great short turner, long turner, good edge, stable at speed, kept me alive in the trees [snakey], landed air solidly and securely. This combination of maneuverability and solidness is the key. dchan calls it his "Superman ski" - small wonder! I intend to try it again.

Crossmax Pilot 10 in 160: HATED it! Offered no discernable advantage over the 170length in short turns, felt squirrelly at ANY speed and positively life-threatening at terminal velocity [was was nearly terminal for me, as well], got me into serious $#it in the trees, and I will not give it a second chance - yes, I have life insurance, but it's just not the same as being alive. By the way, I also own and ski the Rossi T-Power [equivalent to the T-Power Viper S] in 160, and it feels a hell of a lot better in that length than the 160 Crossmax.

Intuitiv 71 in 167: Oh, boy. First felt big, but as I found its rhythm and flex, it got better and better. Got to be solider but easier than the Crossmax Pilot 10 in 170. At speed, I was barrel-assing down the mountain - and just LAUGHING!! There I was, moving as fast as I could and as fast as I ever have on that trail, and I felt completely confident, completely in control. I gave it a rest and slipped into the bindings on my own

K2 Mod 7/8 [today's Axis, no X] in 167: Like an old friend, felt very confident and solid, turned easy short and long and was solid at speed - but just not as easy and confident as the Intuitiv 71, and . . . I guess I was just acclimated to the other skis I'd been skiing, and, uh, [img]redface.gif[/img] I hit a tree. It's ok, it's ok, nothing life threatening, but. . . embarrassing. It just got away fom me. So I put the K2's on the rack and, salivating, got back onto the

Dynastar Intuiv 71 in 167, second test: This time, I was tuned in to the sweet babies. I ran them through the same turf, including the same trees, and was, again, delighted. Confidence with a big C. Solid with a big S. NOT the quickest edge to edge, but they can be quickened with shin pressure. But still very maneuverable in short turns. Remember, these are the widest waisted skis in the bunch I tested today, so they're going to be good in deeper snow if I can find any more this season [or next]. It's this combnation of wide but maneuverable that's one of the ski's attributes I find so attractive. So I decided to take another run, albeit with my legs on their last gasp for the day, on turf that has challenged me before: Steeper, bumpy-er. And I never performed better than that. It is difficult for me fully to convey the perception of solidness, stability, and yet maneuverability that made me feel that I could handle ANYthing, ANYwhere, with CONFIDENCE. So, legs aquiver, I quit for the day with a HUGE s.i.g. on my face, feeling pretty durn good about me-self.

The result: One of these - either the Salomon Crossmax Pilot 10 in 170, or the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 in 167, will most likely become "my" ski.

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Great report Oboe,

I'll have to say I tried the Crossmax in the 160 and they required much more input from me to keep them stable but I found them quite skiable. Possibly a different quaility tune? also a lot has to do with the person skiing. We all ski differently and like/dislike different feels. That's why there are so many choices. Glad you found a few to your liking. Happy shopping!
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dchan, the key words are "input" and "foregiveness" - the 160 requires a lot FROM me, the 170 gives a lot TO me and foregivess my errors [many, many]. But my instant affinity for the 170, which just increased ith use, is telling. More testing today.

I guess the first edit didn't take, or I did it wrong. I said: No testing today. The so-called "Demos" available at Bolton are actually a sell-off of the current demo fleet, including some rather outdated skis, and, to be fair, some good deals on K2 Machs and Salomon Scream Pilot 8's. Conditions were horrid:Bare spots, icy refrozen stuff, and strong biting wind. Sooooo . . . here I am.

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Yep, gotta say these are some killer boards. I just got a chance to try them out a few weeks ago.

Anyway, with all the changes Salomon made to their Pilot line this year, does anyone know if they'll do the same next year? If so, what skis for next year compare to the Crossmax 10? I'm going to get a pair, but it's going to be next year's model. (Which if I'm lucky I can get on pro-deal before the end of this season..)
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BV, the first time I skied the Salomon Crossmax Pilot 10 was at the trade show at Stratton about a month ago. The trade show was to present skis [and boards and boots and other stuff] for the 2002/2003 season. I am assuming, then, that the Crossmax Pilot 10 that I skied will be available for the next season. I understand that it is basically the same as the 2001/2002 model. If someone has information suggesting otherwise, would you please post it.
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Tried next year's Salomon Scream 10 Pilot in a 192cm at a WWSRA demo I got to attend through the shop I work at. Was less than impressed with this year's same ski we have at the shop, but liked next years. The Salomon rep said next year's topshell will be braided and so will be torsionally stiffer. Shouldn't make too much of a difference but any improvement over last year's noodles is a good one. I ski'd it in morning hardpack, transitioning to softer snow in the sun. Had good edge hold and was fairly stable when pointing 'em. Quick turns as with any shaped ski were never a problem.
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Powpig, Next year's Scream 10 Pilot will have a braided top sheet of a material called Diatex, also it will have a wood core and Monocoque composite double wall construction.

oboe, Next year's Crossmax 10 Pilot is the same with just minor cosmetic changes (Prolink is a different color.)

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dcan, we only skied a couple of runs together, but what I saw looked just fine.

I like the Crossmax 10 in a longer length. I bought a 185, but have skied my friend's 190 and like his slightly better. I think these skis turn very quickly even in the longer lengths. I also think they have a smaller sweet spot than the Series, which used to be my main ski. I liked the Crossmax 10 from the beginning and it is still growing on me. It is a much more versatile ski than the way it is marketed.
I think it has a stiffer tail than the Series and more energy if you load it up.
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What a good read! Finding a ski that takes you places is a good thing.
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