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Another Watea 94 impression

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178 fisher Watea 94

skied on mostly off piste, hard snow with some loose, mostly bumps.

skied by 168lb, 6 ft, level 9ish skier, finesse skier

I couldn't help but buy this ski as well. I'm really enjoying my soft snow ski in the coomba, but I would still love to find a 1 ski quiver, same ski for AT, pow, all mountain, 99% of the time. based on the dimensions, flex, length and info I had found, I decided this could be it. (purchased from Dawgcatching, shipped on time, prepared well, great service as expected)

I actually am falling for this ski. It has an amazing flex, while still holding well. It's sidecut works well and I haven't found a turn shape or speed where it was disagreeable. it skis packed snow far better then maybe it should for this width. Great in drifted turns, also great in railed carves. Great in short swing, also loves medium radius carved turns and side slip edge set survival turns in narrow steep chutes. Maybe I only have 3 days on em, and less in real terrain, but my initial impression is off the charts. tomorrow i have a half day private w/ a 19 yr old level 8, so i'll get some more milage in real terrain and follow up if anything changes.

All i need now is some pow and I'll know if i found my 1 ski for everything.
I'll add to this review as I find some soft snow.

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more data

another couple of mornings skiing a mixture of loud snow and soft snow. a couple of inches of new yesterday blown in the troughs and 4 to 6 today.

Latest impressions are still quite good. It bends up into an arc well in the soft snow and can be either led or followed quite well. coming off some small cliff bands and making fast turns, it felt more stable then you would think for a softer 178. That said, i did find the speed limit of this ski. (As you know, I tend to review skis for how I like to ski them, and since I tend to ski moderate speeds, in medium to short turns off piste, I touch on blasting speed less...) So, on the run out back to the KT lift from the bottom of west face, moving along in fast turns on bumpy piste, I felt the lightness and softness a bit (it would get deflected and bouced). I counteracted this by adding more edge angle and locking it in, and it would quiet down and stabilize. So, if you like to go really fast on groomers or mach schel through chop, this ski isn't like the burly skis w/ layers of metal. Also, as a minor negative, I felt the turned up tail hook objects and the other ski a couple of times. If I would change anything, it would have flat tail (or minimal turn up, like the coomba), of course I don't go backward...

On general feel, as a guy who has spent quite a bit of time on solid stiff skis like nordica (both top fuel 178 2 yrs ago and Jet fuel 170 last year) and stockli (SS 178 and stormrider xl 174 the year before) I usually don't like airy feeling skis. Dawgcatching said the watea 84 felt atomic-like in its lightness and since I'm not a fan of that feel at all, I don't think the 94 feels like that. I understand where that impression comes from, but it doesn't feel like an atomc to me. It has a good solid wood core feel, while being a bit livelier and softer then many of the others out there right now (ie; volkl, nordica, stockli, head).

Compared to my 174 coomba, it is turnier, quicker edge to edge and more playful. The coomba is more stable, surfier (if that means anything to you, basically you can chuck it into a skid in soft snow easier and re-engage at will). The coomba has a much longer radius in carved arcs, and while being somewhat soft, is more substantial but less exciting in carved turns.

OK, I think there probably isn't as much clarity in this impression as I'd like, but maybe you can glean something from these perceptions.

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Holiday, I monted them +1cm and found them very stable at speed on soft groomed and loose. Where did you mount yours? (or maybe you just ski a lot faster )
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I actually mounted them on the line and feel it's right on for me. As I've beat to a pulp , I ski at moderate speeds. As I'm also found of saying, I'm more skilled then bold (just the opposite of a good friend of mine, who is more bold then skilled )
anyway, I have the tyrolia RF on them now, as I wanted to be able to move it if i did't like the mounting point. with the RF you can really fine tune, not just to the 3 settings, but anywhere in between by tweaking the boot sole settings.

I am probably going to move my duke to these, but i'll know for sure after a deep day (hopefully this weekend based on weather...) if i love them in the deep, the duke goes on, the coomba gets sold and I have my first 1 ski quiver (AT, pow, hard snow, everything....)

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Enjoy the "perfect storm" that's headed your way. I Think you are going to find that with the lightness of the 94, you are going to want this as a touring ski. Interesting set up with the RF. Try moving it 10mm or even the full 15 and let me know. (10mm = 1cm, but I'm sure you knew that)
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Ski comparisons without skiing...

Because I need to get a life and I'm waiting for my sprained ankle to heal -I've been comparing my older Fischer Big Stix 84s (181 cm) (wood looking graphics) to the newly purchased Watea 94's (186cm). I've noticed a few interesting things.

They seem to have a very similar flex. The front of both skis have about the same overall length and contact points from the mid -points of each ski.

The Wateas overall contact points add up to only about one inch more overall than the BS, and it makes the difference at the tail. Wateas have a longer tail by about 2.5 inches.

Both have similar front tip inclines or trajectorys (or whatever you call it), which is good for deep stuff.

Other than being wider, a bit more curvy, and a longer tail - this Watea is remarkably similar to the older Big Stix, but I'll bet it skis a lot different. TMI - I know!
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