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TR: Beaver Mountain, 26 December

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Location: Undisclosed spot at the Beav.
Time: 11:30
Skier: Some Old Fart
Skis: Dynastar Contact Limited Edition
Snow: Delightful

Fresh tracks at 11:30 p.m. is not something you often find elsewhere along the Wasatch. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the Contacts performed in the powder. Very smooth with a nice "old school" sink and rise, effortlessly responding to knee movements.

This spot doesn't last this long on a normal Saturday, but for some strange reason, this year's "Day After Christmas" ski day was sparsely attended. We didn't complain.
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I hear you Bill it was a great day at the Beav. My daughter and I were skiing untracked almost all day in the trees on Marges. I was on my Sanouks and had a blast. My daughter got cold so we wnt into the lodge for a bit. I think that is where all the people were as it was packed. It was a 45 min wait for a cup of hot chocolate. It was cold enough everybody went home early. My daughter woke up this morning with some small blisters on her chin that have since turned into what looks like a bruise. I think she got a bit of frostbite. I hope you enjoyed the time with your family. It looked like you guys were having fun.
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I flew over between Logan and Ogden today and Utah sure looks good from 37000. Looks even better from your elevation.

One of these days I'm going to have t get back to the small mountain.
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Great Pictures Bill!!!
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Wow! Looks like fun!
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Thanks for the pix!

I also found the Dynastar Limited to be a great powder ski, even with a 72mm waist.

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great pictures! I've gotta get up there and get me some beav.
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Nice Bill. Looks like the ridge under the "big cliff" on the backside.

I've got to "Ski the Beav'" this season.

Say hi to Tom for me. I saw him at the end of this year's LOTOJA.

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