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Breck-Vail accommodations

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A friend and I have 2 days to ski at the end of January. Thinking about Breck and/or Vail. Looking for accommodations, mid-level, aprox. $100/nite.

Any recommendations?
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Good luck with that! You might be able to find something around the interstate for that price. I think the Mountain Lodge might have rooms around $140/night. It's in the town of Breck.
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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge is probably in that range. We stayed there for three nights over Christmas for around $500-600. The rooms are very basic and the breakfast is OK, BUT, the location is great. It is right at the edge of downtown and within easy walking distance of the Peak 9 base and the Quicksilver lift. If you only want basic accomodations and great location, that is the place to go.
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^^Thanks for the info. I'll give that a try. Only there for 3 nights, will eat & drink out on the town, so that sounds fine.
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If Vail maybe down in Minturn. Nice little place I stayed at last spring Minturn Inn that might be around that price point. A couple of good affordable places to eat in Minturn as well. Less than 10 min. to Vail on the bus. But last spring I needed to take the 7 AM bus to make first chair at Vail which put me at the Transportation Center at Vail almost an hour and a half before the lifts opened. Beaver Creek 10 or less minutes away as well from Minturn.
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sorry, the mountain lodge is going to be at least 180 then. i know because i was looking at going to summit co at the same time.

to get near 100, you'll probably have to stay in frisco; which is not bad and that's less than 10 miles from breck,keystone,copper and the basin and nothing less than a 30mph blizzard is going to make you think twice about driving.
the roads are pretty flat and well maintained around the resorts.
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I've got reservations for a motel in Frisco for the end of Pres wk in Feb for about $100 per night. That was about what the "dorm" rates were at Breck Mtn Lodge, which I considered.

Tangentially related question -- we are on the bus route, but have a car. If we are going early (to be there when the lifts open) do we want to take the bus or drive up? I understand the decent lots are not free -- are they a few bucks, or expensive, and how long a walk is it from the parking lots?
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You could do either, mdf. Bus leaves the Frisco transfer center for Breck every 1/2 hour starting pretty early. Should get you to Breckenridge Station, which is right at the Gondola base, in about 1/2 hour.

If you drive, the Gold Rush lot on the right side of Park Ave is still free. Not very big compared to the now-pay Gondola North (former "Tailings" lot, now $10) and Gondola South (former "Miners" lot, now $5). Get there early if you want a space in Gold Rush. The resort runs buses to the Gondola station for Peak 8, which is also where the buses to Peak 9 Beaver Run leave from. But honestly you can walk to the gondola from Gold Rush if there's no bus waiting for you. As long as you get across the street safely! Then walk through the Gondola North lot - don't walk up the street.
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Another option for lower priced lodging besides Frisco is Dillon/Silverthorne. A bit farther from Breck but closer to Keystone and A-Basin. A number of chain motels and 1 bedroom condos can be had for under $150 in Wildernest.
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Try the Fireside Inn in Breck. They have dorm style rooms and more private accomodations for cheap. They are a bed and breakfast off Main St. The shuttle bus stops right at the corner. I have stayed there twice. A british couple ran it (hopefully still do). They are great hosts and alot of fun. They posted a message on their bulletin board on April 1 about free lift tickets for the first 50 at the window. You should have seen the early birds racing to get there. Of course, some of us knew it was April Fools. LOL.
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