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My 7 y.o.'s First Time Ever

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I've been lurking here for a few weeks, picking up tips for today... the Big Day.

A couple of months ago I casually mentioned skiing to my 7 y.o. daughter. Lots of her friends ski, so she was enthusiastic. We went to the local YMCA ski swap last month, picked up skis w/bindings, boots, poles, helmet, goggles and 2 pairs of kids ice skates, all for $125. She was very excited.

Today we went to a local hill, Nashoba Valley in MA. Signed her up for 3 day school vacation lesson deal, $150 including ticket. I dropped her off with the instructors and got the hell out of the way. It was nice to free ski for an hour and a quarter, as the rust came off for me (after not skiing for 5-6 years myself) I found skiing was like riding a bike, it came right back (though I'm not as flexible as I used to be!). Ever few runs I would stop and spy through the trees to see how she was doing. Sometimes it looked good, sometimes not so much...

At the appointed hour, I return to pick her up. She was absolutely beaming, having loved every minute of it. She liked it much better and found it more fun once she graduated from the magic carpet to the rope tow. We made a few runs together on the bunny slope then tried the chair lift and a more difficult trail... My one mistake of the day... despite picking the easiest way down, it was too much, too soon. Well, she decided to walk down the steep part, then put her skis back on and skied the rest of the way. Back to the bunny slope and the rope tow for us the rest of the day. That was fine with me as long as she was having a good time, which she was.

Break for lunch at the first mention of being hungry, then back to the bunny slope for more. We had to get home to relieve the babysitter who had the 2 y.o. I kept hearing, "one more time PLEASE Daddy?" Music to my ears

She can't wait to go back tomorrow, and neither can I!

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Great work....

Always quit before they are done..... Daddy, I dont want to quit.....

Always quit before they get cold. I dress one layer lighter than them...If I am cold...I know they are.

Next time dear....
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All 3 days are done now, and she absolutely loved it. Day 2 we tried the harder slope again 2x, at her suggestion, and that was enough. She fell a few times each run, but we laughed it off, particularly the big "snowball" fall.

Day 3 we took one of her best friends, who has a lot more experience, and skis Sugarbush with her family all the time. Instructor took her out beyond the bunny slope and that was the real trick. She only wanted to go back to the bunny slope for a post-lunch warm up run or two. Other than that, she was all over the blue trails all day. My daughter was actually better than her friend who's been skiing longer, just needs some more time to feel more confident on the steeper stuff. Smoother linked turns, better weight distribution, a bit faster, moves around better on the flats... she noticed that the 2 of us were often waiting for the other girl. My wife says I'm too competitive.

Despite reading the chairlift thread here, I let the two 7 1/2 year olds ride the double chairlift together with me in the chair behind. They also each wanted to ride alone, and did successfully. We had talked about how to sit and behave while all riding the triple, and both had demonstrated their ability to my satisfaction.

After 1 hour on day 3 it started snowing and we got about 2" of fresh snow through the course of the day, which made for nice conditions. The friend eventually got cold and wet, so we quit ~3:30, but my daughter wanted to keep going! Quitting while you're ahead is a good idea, she wants to go back after school today! (Sorry, no...)

I was still a bit bored with the terrain, but highly entertained by the conversation of the 2 young girls, and with seeing my daughter really catch on so quickly. Having a friend along really boosted her confidence & enjoyment too. As others have said, I'm viewing this as an investment in the future of us skiing together, plus I get to practice some details of my form on easy terrain. I can't wait to take her to a bigger mountain. She's so excited about skiing, it's fantastic!
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Gosh I love stories like this. Another one hooked for life. Nice job Dad.

I dropped her off with the instructors and got the hell out of the way.
You get the platinum medal for skidad of year!!!
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Sounds like a terrific experience for the both of you. I hope you have a lifetime of skiing memories together ahead of you.
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Thanks all, I'm pretty tickled as you can tell!

This was a good test of my master plan: Now that I have proof of concept with skiing, phase two is to replicate this experience with sailing this summer! I'm a hardcore racing sailor, Mom will be the first female American Paralympic sailor this summer in Beijing...

Winter sport/Summer sport. Yin/Yang. It's a long time till summer, so for now, MORE SKIING!
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