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Little Girl Fell Off Chair Today....

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Just posting this as a reminder to parents.

About 8 chairs ahead of us today a little girl (5 or 6) fell off the quad she was riding falling a good 50ft to the run below.

Ski Patrol attended to her for 30 minutes or more before moving her.

She was conscious but they did take her away in an ambulance.

I hope it isn't serious
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Out of curiosity, since I'll be in a chair soon with our kids, did they have the safety bar down, and does that safety bar even do anything for little people?
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Must have been sickening to witness. Best wishes to her full recovery and return to the slopes.
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So sad. Where was this at?
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Apparently a boy fell out of a chair at Sunapee a few days ago. I saw it in today's paper (not local to Sunapee) and it said the accident happened yesterday and the lift would be closed for several weeks. I was there two days ago and the lift was closed.

Hold on to those little ones!
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Originally Posted by Gonz View Post
Out of curiosity, since I'll be in a chair soon with our kids, did they have the safety bar down, and does that safety bar even do anything for little people?
Depend on the kids' size the bar may or may not be use. The bar can be too high.

On old double chairs, it is pretty to use your poles to make a "bar" that is low enough. On triples or quads, I hold my poles across my 5 year old lap w/ her sitting all the way back in the chair. I figure that is enough to hold her in if the chair jerks to a stop.
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I've seen a lot of parents allow their little kids to sit, leaning on the bar with legs hanging over the edge like in a chair. One slip and they are gone. Kids should sit all the way back when they are little, legs straight.
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Not a nice thing to witness, even less so to experience.

Interesting that this is raised very shortly after this >< article was posted on snowHeads. Apparantly they are trialling a 'lift magnet' system in Courcheval to essentially attach small children to chairlifts.
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This was at SilverStar in Vernon. The chair does have a safety bar, I don't know if it was down or not.

When my guys were younger, I would stick a pole into the end of one side of the chair and hold the other end so they couldn't slide underneath.

It was surreal today.

No idea why, but strangely, I remember vividly her seasons pass on the outside of her coat.
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So sad....I will be thinking and say a prayer for this skier tonight.

I will also remind all my young skiers about this. I will be teaching a lot of kids this year. As in the past.....once I have my kids on the chair, I make them sit back---period. No messing around on the chair. For real young ones---4-5, I take my pole and hold it next to their bellies.

NOTE: I dont say anything....that might be embarassing to them. I just do it and see calm in their faces. If older kids ask why...I just say...."he/she does not want me to, but it is my rule...." Older kids understand and the younger ones...smile.

As the lift comes to the top---sit back, do not stand up until I say. No messing around...period.
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Originally Posted by BeeCeer View Post

I hope it isn't serious
If it was 50 feet to hardpack, or even anything less than a few feet of pow, I think it's a given that it's serious. I'd just hope she escapes without serious, permanent injury.
Little kids on lifts are scary. Keep 'em back and hold on to 'em.
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when i was younger (aka 6-7) I had already gotten past the riding with parents thing and would often find my self either alone on the lifts or with strangers who i could not ask to hold me. When riding by myself I often was on this one centerpole double at my area. When I would get on the chair I would hook my arm around the middle pole and hold on until I reached the top and when on other lifts I would always try to get on the outside so I could do the same with the side of the chair. I guess it worked, I never fell off a lift.I can still remember the way I would hold the chair as tight as humanly possible when the chair started passing over the gnarlier terrain.
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When I skied with my 4 year old niece for the first time this year I put on of those dorky harnesses on underneath her skiwee bib. when we got into the liftline I clipped the tether onto her. I always put her on the out side so that she could hold onto the chair while we were going up. When we were on the chair I not only held the tether tightly, but I also placed my poles acrossed her lap with the the tips behind one of the pieces of steel tubing, holding her back in the chair.
It was nerve wracking the first few rides up, but she was a pro at it by the end of the day.
After hearing about little kids falling, I'm going to do my damned best to make sure that it doesn't happen to her.

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My 4 yo gets snuggled right up close with my arm around him. If he ever fell - I would never have the guts to go home. I would have to flee to another planet.

Hope that little girl is ok and I hope her parents are strong enough get through this together.
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Any update on the girl's condition?
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When you are riding with kids set a way to do it and stick to it.

Kid is on the right.

My poles are in my left hand.

Never let your attention wander.

My right hand is free ... but ready to spring like a tiger, it's right along side that kid.
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Originally Posted by tom111869 View Post
Any update on the girl's condition?
Nothing in the media.

If I wasn't there I wouldn't even know it happened

We have a local news website that is great for gossip/shocking stories, www.castanet.net I am surprised they aren't all over this one.
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When I was 16 or so, two people that I knew at my local mountain fell about 40 feet from a chair onto good old northeast hard packed ice, a good friend of mine was riding with them, but was able to stay on the chair. Thankfully only a few broken bones happened. They did not have the bar down and the chair was swinging pretty bad and actually hit a lift pole causing the drop.I've been super sketched ever since and ALWAYS put the bar down now. I went to Loveland (land of no bars) and found myself hugging the the chair the whoole way up out of paranoia.Recently at this same local mountain (same lift actually) where I saw two people fall (or rather saw them being picked up by patrollers) I saw a girl (maybe 16 or 17) screwing around on the chair in front of me. She lifted the bar and was sliding right to the edge, pushing her body up to the point where she was almost in a standing position. I was gritting my teeth watching this. A few nights later a few teens were rocking the chair so hard, I was nervous it was going to derail. Chairlifts are not a good place to screw around, but people seem to forget this.I just hope this little girl is ok.
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Gosh. I hope the little girl's alright.

As for people screwing around on chairlifts, they get no sympathy from me for skirting around dangers as blatantly as that. Unfortunately, that seems to be the trend among the pop-culture influenced teenagers.
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