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Allstar scraps

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Its been a few years since I have been on skis, as I was favoring snowboarding for a couple of years. But I got bit by the double board bug again and started doing some research and demos. After much debating I decided on the 182 Allstars . It just fits my style and the icy terrain I ski on. I am 36, 197lbs and have a desk job (so i am a bit mushy currently) and I would place my skills in the 8ish level. For some reason, its seems no one wanted to ski anything over a 168 so they were left over from a season ago. I guess i am not length adverse, which is handy for me since there seems to be longer leftovers around. Any of my fears about length were completely unfounded and the size is perfect. I think the length makes them more stable and can get you a little more speed when you want it...though these skis dont have "breakaway" speed. The skis are soooo easy to ride..almost too easy as it takes away some of that adrenaline when you feel you are about to lose it and faceplant. They absolutely love the ice and hard pack. Perfect Northeast ski and the Hunter Mount ice fields.This may sound ridiculous, but i actually find my self seeking out the rock hard stuff. They just eat it up. I had no problems in the bumps either, nice snap and lite enuff to whip around. I like a little old school skiing style (= actually using a pole plant) and I would say i prefer quick snappy turns more than long carvs. This ski handles both incredibly well. My brother who just bought some GS11s wants a set of allstars now too. I highly recommend them...if you can still find the left overs.
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That is a really nice ski, glad you're enjoying them.
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