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Stowe or Smugglers Notch?

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I'm heading to Burlington area for the weekend, but have never been to any resorts in the area before. Would appreciate advice of someone who has had experience on any of the resorts in the area. Primarily I'm choosing between Stowe and Smuggler's Notch. Also this being the weekend before the new years the crowd factor would come into play as well, which one is usually less crowded? Thanks in advance.

If there are any other great resorts nearby that you would recommend i'd greatly appreciate it.
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My guess is Smuggler is less crowded, it being less of a "destination resort".

On the other hand, Stowe is one of the best in New England. You ought to try it. Maybe you could do one each day?

Bolton Valley is another one near Burlington. Should also be (relatively) less crowded.
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I think it all depends on what you want to do. If you're not looking for the big scene (larger mountain, apres ski or destination/less-homey feel) or you have a family with you, Smuggs is definitely a better choice. Smuggs is also quite a bit cheaper.

I have been talking to locals (at Smuggs) who ski both and many tend to think Smuggs is a better choice. What surprises me is their opinion that Smuggs has more of a variety when it comes to trail selection and the trails have more of a interesting feel.
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Both are great resorts. The lift tickets are cheaper at smuggs, and to me they should be due to limited uphill capacity (not as much skiing in a day).

They only have old double chairs, so you can only ski half as much as the resorts with more uphill capacity. After that, the skiing there is truly unique. There are a lot of fun trains, and some very very challenging terrain and woods sections. I hate the lifts, but keep going back each year to stay with friends up there.

Edit: Of course, I just saw the date.. where did you end up going?
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