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4frnt vs Armada vs Line

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  • What are your opinions of these twin tip brands?
  • How do they compare to themselves?
  • What did you like about their top twins?
  • What don't you like about them?
  • Which would you buy?
Skis like:
  • Line Chronic
  • Armada AR6
  • Armada T-Hall
  • 4frnt TNK
There are many other skis, so point them out if you feel they are significantly better than any of these.
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You'll probably have better luck asking about these at TGR or Newschoolers FWIW. Twins aren't a HUGE commodity around here.

I can tell you that the Line Chronic has had issues de-lam'ing in the past. not sure if it's fixed or not. The Armamda AR series is a time-tested model, should be okay. Lots of people are riding them, so that should say something. T-hall - hate him, so I'd never even consider "his" skis. Dumb reason, I know. 4FRNT has been coming on strong and picking up market share. There have been lots of pros migrating to their gear.

*NOTE* - I haven't personally ridden any of these. I'm on Rossi & Elan TT's (Scratch FS & BC, Sprayer BC, and M02.2 Double Rail). I understand that Elan may have made some skis for Armada though, but I cannot confirm that.
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I rode a pair of 2005/2006 Armada AR5's.

I eventually retired them (after 3 days on the slopes) as they were too soft.

The only other thing I know is that Line are part of the K2 family and manufactured in China.

I believe both 4Frnt and Armada are manufactured in the EU (I know that one of them is affiliated with either Elan or the Atomic factory).

Best thing to do is get out and demo some of them.

Asking people about skis is one thing, but you're going to get a lot of differing opinions.

Best thing to do when inquiring about skis is to state the type of terrain you will be skiing and also state the type of skis you previously enjoyed. This will give folks a better idea of what kind of suggestions to give you.

I'd find a shop that carries Line, 4Frnt, and Armada, and then demo a few of the various models.
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It's kind of hard to find shops that demo 4frnt in the east, or any of those brands... I live by Mountain Creek (NJ), so conditions are always icey. I go up to Stratton 20 days out of the year. I'm new to twin tips and currently ski on the RX-8. Its always good to get opinions from others, especially some of the well informed people at this forum. So if you have anything to say about these skis, like their flex, edge hold, anything at all, it would be really helpful.
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Compared to your RX-8's all the skis you mentioned are going to be pretty soft.
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Instead of the line chronics, you should take a look at the line prophet 90 or the line blend. They would be a little stiffer and have better durability.
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