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Signs the seasons getting closer.

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PaulW tells us "wildflowers' leaves on some plants are turning yellow. That's the first sign!"

DaMtnRider is eyeing new skis, others have them bought and waiting for use.

has changed from the Summer Menu to Ski Season.

Any other signs out there? <FONT size="1">

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waiting - not much longer - for the annual ski mag to land in my mailbox. GEAR REVIEWS!
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I pity the soul that trusts those reviews.....
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no kidding. hell, i have the gear i'm gonna have for the next several seasons. i just like paper proof that snow's closer than it is far away.
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Signs of the season getting closer?

I just bought my season pass. I also bought my season preferred parking pass.
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In the mailbox last Saturday, the yearly mailing from Snowbird, advertising the joint ski only pass with Alta.
Labor Day ski sales only 3 weeks away.<FONT size="1">

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In my mail box a flier for Canyons offering discounts for "returning customers"
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The constellation Orion is rising in the east a few hours before sunrise, getting earlier every day...

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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White man cut heap lots firewood!

Hey Pinhead what kinda system where, SkiData, Serius, Comptrol??? With turnstiles?
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Pinhed, not sure I understand. Is it similar to the Ski School lane?

Is it an attempt to answer the complaints regarding all the front rangers taking up to much of the Mtn and not spending enough $$$?
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I just started getting the annual "Help wanted" letters from various western resorts looking for instructors. Vail offers 401(k) plans now. I wonder how that works on an annual salary of probably $15k?? The wife (bless her heart) asked if this means we're moving to Colorado. If they could pay me an annual of 70% of what I'm making now, I might consider it. But until then, I still can't muster up the brass ones to put my wife and newborn through the burden of living at the poverty level, and the chance for me to retire 15 years after I'm dead.

Hey Barney, how much YOU payin' out?
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PinHed, My first thought was wow great marketing. Second was, we really are red-headed step children. It all honesty I rarely make it to the mtn for first chairs anyway.

Bought one of those 4 packs last year. Are they doing it again?

First a new chair then snow making at the Basin. That is moving at warp speed for them. Will they make snow this year?

Shoulders Ok, a sling has its advantages. Got the clerk to carry my wine purchases to the car for me.
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>But, the real reason for gates is because that's where Copper wants to go.

Wow, the more I hear about the Copper "improvements", the happier I am for changing the "home mtn" for our family.

And why should it matter what gear people are on, isn't it enough that they paid the price for a lift ticket that the resort offered? Shouldn't everyone who pays get equal access? It isn't my problem when marketing offers a 4 pass for $29 and they are not making money.

I can just see it now, 1st class lift tickets for those who want to pay more, stay at the base area, ski on the latest XXX-screram pilots and wear the bogners. The rest of us will get to ride on a coach class lift ticket and only get to board the lifts if there are open seats not occupied by the 1st class rider.

Glad I moved on.
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Getting back to the original thread. I know it's getting closer to ski season when my friends stop looking at me as if I'm nuts when I talk about skiing trips.

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Pinhead, I think once the system is integrated to the whole, you will like it. Resorts offering direct to lift and RF ticketing will be the norm soon. SkiData here (Mt. High) works well, but is lift access only. The boys (serius) from Taos have the whole bundle, Rental, SS, etc. Still has bugs but works.
You will find that you still need the height police (adults using kids tix). We were a beta site for a six screen monitor that flashed pass holder faces from the turnstiles...worked well.
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>Where've you been?
Out skiin' the trees and looking for pow. I try to avoid the crowded base areas.

The allmighty dollar, it's what made america great. With enough $$, you can buy instant access to anything your pocketbook desires.

I find it interesting in other threads where we discuss how the ski industry growth is flat, how to retain the skiing public, etc. Then come to find out that this same industry will treat you like a 2nd class individual because you choose not to spend 10k staying at the latest fake-river-rock covered, pedestrian only, integrated retail-condo manufactured base area. Now loading the cattle cars to the alpine lot...

>For me? I choose to earn a lot more turns in the backcountry this year.

The BC is looking better and better every year. I just might have to try it one of these days.

>BTW,is this the first time you've heard of restricted lane access?
I figured something like this is coming, but never experienced it yet.

And what is this about video monitors? You have to prove you are a legal pass holder everytime you board a lift by having some rent-a-cop validate a visual image?
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I'll be working my first ski show of the season in 3 weeks.
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My butt kind of itches a little. As the season approaches, It'll start itching a lot!

Seriously... it really itches.

No seriously. I'm starting to get some pro forms in the mail. That's a sure sign that a season is looming. I'm also beginning to have ski dreams. Y'know the kind where you can spin helis off anything and stick any landing? Season's just around the corner. (Only about a billion light years away!)

Spag's quote of the day:
"I wanted to write, but I thought it would be no good unless the pen moved without me."
- Jim Morrison -<FONT size="1">

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Got my first of the year Skiing Mag. yesterday. I wonder if its to early to scrape the protective wax off my skis.


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The big-box retailers (Sportmart) have their skis out on display.
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Received in the mail a flyer from Copper Mountain with thier deals for the season.

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Loveland opens 10-20. That's just 54 days away!

Any of the "Colorado Bears" interested in hooking up for a day of skiing sometime this year?
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activity on the skiing forums begins to pick up
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the fact I just went for a MTB ride today and the guy I was with said I was taking some tree lines so tight it looked like I was skiing gates. Unfortunately, I have the scrapes on upper arms and shoulder to verify that.
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Whistler's season pass prices have been posted on their web site.
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Lets see other signs of the on set of ski season...I have my season pass. Gart bros sports tent sale is this weekend.Driving by Jans Mountain Outfitters and there was a pallet stacked with boxes of skis waiting to be unpacked.The Park Record is starting to fill up with ads for seasonal jobs at the ski resorts.By the way deer Valley is looking for Ski Instructors.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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The elk were bugling last night for the first time this season. It seems a little early - could that mean an early winter?
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Now if Brookline would only stop having power outages!
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Are you sure you heard elks? Or could it have been just Bullwinkle?
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Is this like deer turning into elk at a certain altitude? Do moose have to bugle earlier in season than elk - because they have to migrate further north sooner than elk?
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