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8000 as a second pair?

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Would love your advice. I would like to buy a second pair of skis and am torn between the Dynastar 8000 vs. 4800. I'm a 49 year old male, rate my skill level as a high 6 or low 7, ski primarily blues and easier blacks in the Northeast but would like to experiement more off trail. Right now I am skiing the Dynastar contact 9 which I love. My question is whether the 8000 is above my ability or if the 4800 is too close to what I am skiing right now. Thanks. BGG
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No - the 8000 is not above your ability. It's a very versatile ski and would, IMO, offer something significantly different from your contact 9. The 4800 is a good ski, too but I think that the 8000's extra width would make it more fun off piste. I have not skied them in the EC icy conditions, so take that for what it's worth, but the 8000 has been a very fun ski for me (on piste and in about 12 inches of fresh yesterday).
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I ski the 8000 mostly on piste. I have others that I prefer for off piste. I really enjoy the 8000, last year on some ice cube blacks it held it's edge just fine. Versitile ski. And well respected. Not above your ability level.
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I tried a pair of demo 4800's at Steamboat in a lot of powder, and they were great as they were very soft, but for general use, use the 8k's. I have the Contact 11's, 8k's, 8.8k's and older Skicross 9 and 10's, and for eastern ice-pack, I use the 8k's (or the Skicross 10's) almost all the time.

The 8k is a fantastic all-around ski that will help you increase your ability off-piste, in the woods etc. whereas the 4800 would be an intermediate step.
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8000 as second pair

Thank you for all your advice. I just placed the order. BGG
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You won't be sorry. It's a good, versatile ski, and I suspect the more time you spend off-piste, the more you will eventually want to go to a wider platform. Enjoy.
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Toadman's right - you will be very happy with the ski. If you decide that more off piste skiing is what you want and you like the feel of Dynastars, you might want the 8800 or Mythic or your might want to try the Big Trouble. Regardless, you have a great ski on its way to you.
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