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What am I seeing?

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I pulled my skis out of the closet to get them ready for the season. Before I put them away in the spring, I applied a coat of warm temp wax. When I got them out and turned them over to scrape, I noticed that the areas where the wax thinner, it was white, some areas where particularly hard too scrape, my scraper was a little dull, but some areas I ended up using a fingernail or just rubbing it with my fingers.

Any ideas what's going on here?
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The wax dried out instead of your bases (a good thing, and the reason why skis should receive a summer coat of wax). Get a sharper scraper or heat up the wax a little and do a hot scrape. Just be sure to get it off the ski before re-waxing and tuning.
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I have a scraper sharpener somewhere in the shop, I just couldn't find it last night, its actually my brothers, he uses it to sharpen his woodworking scrapers
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Just warm them up and scrape the uglies off.

It doesn't have to be an official scraper. Any flat piece of plastic will pretty much do.

When it's soft, a plastic ruler would work fine, anything like that.
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I scrapped them cold, brushed them out, and put a coat of Racewax universal flouro on on one set. The other set heated, cooled again, scraped, brushed and flouro'd the other set
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For your next summer wax, see if you can't warm the ski up better with the iron.
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That's why you should storage wax your skis! Hot scrape, re-wax, and go!
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