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Good day for Dad annd Boy!

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I wasn't going to post this one up-but I'm feeling pretty good (so forgive the hubris) about my teaching and parenting skills on this one.

I got out yesterday (the 26th) with my youngest boy (5 year old)-first day this year with him. We had done some refresher runs on the bunny slope and had moved up some more challenging groomers (greens and very easy blues). At one point, my son stopped mid way down a sustained pitch and said he was getting nervous because he could not control his speed (fair enough-it's a challenge for all newer skiers young and old)-but he is committed to turning, actually, he gets on edge pretty well and has a game attitude. So, I told him, instead of breaking off your turn as you begin to pick up speed in the fall line, stay on your foot (downhill) all the way through the 'fast' part and just hold it until you stop-and sure enough he did, he rode the the turn through the fall line and back up the hill and stopped. He looked back at me with his eyes popping out and a big smile-he had had a revelation. The rest of the day, he used turning and turn shape to control his speed (using 'the whole trail' on steeper parts and straighter lines on flatter parts)-I was blown away. On his own, I watched him get braver and braver as he played with the limits of control and turning-taking a few falls here and there but mostly having a great time and once in a while pulling off a nice set of turns.

After several hours, we sat down to grab some fries, skittles and chicken fingers (and, yes, in classic dad fashion I made the standard joke about not knowing that Chickens had hands)-I told him he had discovered one of the most important secrets about skiing (using turn shape to control speed and that sometimes you have to go faster-through the fall line-to go slower and get control by completing the turn uphill-ish). He asked if that was all the secrets he he needed to learn about skiing-I laughed and said no-but it's a big one.

Sorry about the self indulgent post-but like most parents I've run into plenty of pitfalls and frustrations anytime I've tried to coach my own kids-but this was one of the few peaks I've had so I thought I'd share it!

Good start to the season!

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Nicely played.
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You going to Wach, Dad?

Hope to see you there.

Great report!
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